Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Committee Against Most of Sydney

A senior NSW detective ­arrested for allegedly drink driving was found to have not held a driver’s licence for more than 20 years, reports the Daily Telegraph.

JUST when you thought the wedding of Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer could not get any more outrageous, a pre-wedding video has emerged re-enacting the dramatic love story that brought him and his beautiful bride together. On Saturday, Mehajer married his partner Aysha in a lavish ceremony that involved four helicopters, a fleet of sports cars, a seaplane fly-by and 50 Harley Davidsons, which led to the closure of an entire street in Lilyfield.
Property Developers in Sydney Decency does not apply to vulgar money making

Chinese Foreign smart money frets about turmoil at home flees plows into us housing bubble thinks its a safe haven

... As the Guardian reports, the incident was captured by a woman in Petrer, Alicante, southern Spain. The woman posted the image to Facebook. She added the caption: "Park where you bloody well please and you won't even be fined."
A north-eastern city of China has been rocked by a huge explosion, startling residents an
Rules do not apply for elite communist apparatchiks ...A north-eastern city of China has been rocked by a huge explosion, startling residents and sending debris across the city. Pic: Screen capture via Xinhau News
As if the Sydney didn’t have enough problems, The city is facing a growing public hospital and transport crisis. Hospitals like Prince Henry become housing estates for the foreign buyers and we are paying a price for all the child cares and schools that Terry Metherell Inc sold back in the 1990s to developers ...

Ms Humphris suggests in her public submission concerning the proposed strata laws that the likely consequences might lead to strata developments that lack quality and will attract even more speculators and scammers to make a quick buck .., the plans of man and mice with unintended outcomes to be reviewed in Sydney in few years time / but it might be too late for Sydney ... George Orwell would be impressed with the insightful yet short submission by Ms Humphris (Adrienne)

Reform of strata laws to accommodate fastest developing winers and diners
The man's panicked wife called the hospital that evening when her husband did not return home, but was told he had never arrived for his appointment. It was not until 6.30am the following morning when a cleaner went into the public toilet at the hospital that the man was discovered. Ordinary Patients in Public Hospital / Stroke victim spent 20 hours lying in royal north shore hospital toilet
But like a fish that has to keep swimming to stay alive, democracy must be constantly defended and extended to survive. Instead, Australia has been starving it of oxygen. 
Inquiry into chronic diseases

A Sydney mother was left terrified yesterday afternoon when her car was stolen outside a childcare centre as her 5-month-old baby was asleep inside. The mother had parked the car outside a childcare centre and left her five-month-old son sleeping in the back. It is alleged police caught the 33-year-old man driving the car in Parramatta soon after the theft but the baby was no longer inside. He was found unharmed by the side of a road in the nearby suburb of Dundas. Young Man steals car in Sydney with baby inside

Man's ear cut in Sydney pub glassing : Man's body found in sydney park

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer posted a photo of him and his bride on his Facebook page.

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer posted a photo of him and his bride on his Facebook page.

The proud groom called it "AUSTRALIAS BEST WEDDING" on social media, but Lidcombe residents were less impressed. Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer​ married in a lavish ceremony on Saturday which included four helicopters, a fleet of stretch limousines, luxury cars including a Ferrari and and several Lamborghinis, a squad of motorbikes and a posse of police Four wedding helicopters as lavish deputymayor marriage upsets locals
Reserve Bank warns high property prices-are-encouraging huge transfer of wealth from younger to older generations