Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Criminals May Gain from the Next Evolution

At nightfall we always beheld an incredible spectacle, the spectacle of the rats and the owls. Owls are very common in Cuba, and each bird would swallow down several rats every night . . . Every evening the owls with shrieks of jubilee hurtled down on the rats, grabbed them in their claws, and flew back to the roof to pull them apart and eat them. We would watch the hunt from our windows.”
~Zbigniew Herbert

What Criminals May Gain from the Next Evolution of Bitcoin MIT Technology Review. As I’ve said for some time, Bitcoin = prosecution futures.

In a modern democracy like Australia, political parties are the main delivery mechanism of change. But recent events suggest these vehicles for change have become incapable of changing themselves.
For the ALP it is the rejection of internal democratic reform and the failure to modernise the relationship with the union movement. For the Liberal Party it is an entrenched and embarrassing under-representation of women in its senior ranks Cartels that Attract Criminal Minds

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