Monday, August 24, 2015

Trade Secrets: mixing oil of greed with pure spring of water

Sydney traffic : as burst water creates perfect traffic storm in the city

Developers and real estate agents should be banned from being local councillors and political donations and spending should be capped in council elections, NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has declared Property Developers banned from being local tzar

O'Farrell's 2012 - MMXII - controversial council-voting law to disappear from statute books after salim mehajer saga
When Joe Lorincz and his wife Wendy bought their property in the Southern Highlands, it had everything they wanted – tranquillity, space and privacy ensured by a pretty ridge line and 100-year-old eucalyptus trees. But few weeks later the reality of greed showed its face and demonstrated how power works if you do not stand up to abusers ...
Removing trees on Mittagong's hillside for a city view