Tuesday, August 25, 2015

‘Secrets Must Remain Secret’

As if Donald Trump leading the Republican pack wasn’t enough, another candidate in the US presidential race is gaining some surprising support — Deez Nuts ... Part meme, part joke, part serious, the person behind the candidacy is a 15-year-old Iowa farm boy named Brady Olson ...
He has even set up a website outlining his platform and said his motive for entering the race was “to clear the way for a future third-party movement.’’
‘Secrets Must Remain Secret’ German Intelligence Coordinator on NSA and Media Leaks Der Spiegel

Data retention and the end of Australians' digital privacy

In Australia, Sydney Luke Foley makes good on promise to publish diary details ...

Facebook Should Pay All of Us Tim Wu, The New Yorker. Yep. Facebook’s revenues are plunder, albeit of a genteel sort.

Europe’s Forgotten History: From Human Zoos to Human Trophies Displayed in Museums Today Counterpunch

Leonard and Virginia Woolf, unhappy couple. A mosquito-infested honeymoon, a history of insanity, a lack of love making »

Viewers repulsed by Ivan Albright’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

Poisonous connections The Economist. “So a company with an opaque ownership structure, connected by family ties to a port official under investigation, was helped by an order signed by another man under investigation to expedite its handling of dangerous chemicals. On August 20th the death toll from the blast stood at 114.”  

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, and the Lack of ProfitsCEPR. Before there were pirates like Travis Kalanick, there was Jeff Bezos. Whenever you hear “disruption” or “innovation,” think “plunder.”

Brandon McGinley has a sobering, convicting piece up at First Things called "Our Potemkin Life."  Here's a bit:

We have built a society whose balance depends on the institutionalized killing of the unborn. We have built a society whose progress, as that concept is popularly understood, requires the corpses of these unborn victims.

There’s water in the engine room but the captain still claims it’s unsinkable....
The Clinton Ship Takes on Water Wall Street Journal

A Los Angeles judge has dismissed actor Frank Sivero's lawsuit against Fox, finding that the plaintiff did not have a likelihood of prevailing on the merits at trial. Mr. Sivero objected to the depiction of the character Louie on the popular show The Simpsons, alleging that the show based the character on him. Mr. Sivero has played mob characters inGoodfellas and The Godfather II. Under California's anti-SLAPP statute which protects the right to free speech, a plaintiff must show that he is likely to prevail on the merits in order to overcome the defendant's motion to strike.   More here from The Hollywood Reporter.

SABRA LANE, PRESENTER: The rise of terrorism, technology and national security has forged a network not only of police and spy agencies, but of private companies with extraordinary capabilities the country knows little about. Cracks opened into this hidden world of hacking and surveillance when the world's most notorious hacking company's secrets were spilled by WikiLeaks.

It was revealed the Australian Federal Police had used its services to spy on potential targets. An
 investigation by 7.30 has unearthed a number of private Australian companies selling spyware here and overseas, including one that claimed the Australian Defence Force as its client ABC 7.30