Sunday, August 16, 2015

Someone Must Be Lying

Keith Fogg, The Room of Lies (Procedurally Taxing). No, it’s not about debate settings, Congress or the White House Press Briefing Room. It’s about the process the government uses in deciding whether to appeal tax cases.

Robert Wood, Charging $476K For Strippers On Company Card? No Tax Deduction, Jail Instead. That’s a lot of $1 bills.

Someone Must Be Lying  Saltzburg, Stephen A., Someone Must Be Lying (2015). 28 Criminal Justice (2015); GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 2015-30; GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2015-30. Available for download at SSRN:

GREENS Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was spied on by eight security employees who tracked her every move on her visit to Nauru, a whistleblower has revealed. Ex-Wilson blowing Whistle

“There is no rule that governs all cases when determining whether it’s permissible for prosecutors to argue in closing that the jury would have to find that police officers lied in order to find a defendant not guilty. This article examines the issue of the credibility of law enforcement officers in United States v. Ruiz, 710 F.3d 1077 (9th Cir. 2013), United States v. Wilkes, 662 F.3d 524 (9th Cir. 2011), and United States v. Tucker, 641 F.3d 1110 (9th Cir. 2011).”

Via Atlantic Council – New Twists in Russia’s Cyber Campaign Against NATO and Its Members By Sam Jones, Financial Times: “Russia’s aggressive actions in cyber space are all carefully designed to fall short of warranting any kind of serious military or aggressive response. One of Moscow’s new favoured tactics is to arm crime syndicates with sophisticated hacking tools and malware and subcontract them to undertake operations against adversaries or to mount so-called “false flag” attacks to muddy the water around attribution, says a senior US military cyber command officer.” 

I have a confession to make: I died two years ago. Certainties in life

Sydney 75 years ago ...
2am, Martin Place: a woman kisses a sailor

2am, Martin Place: a woman kisses a sailor

In this bleak, relentlessly morbid talk, James Mickens will describe why making computers secure is an intrinsically impossible task. He will explain why no programming language makes it easy to write secure code. He will then discuss why cloud computing is a black hole for privacy, and only useful for people who want to fill your machine with ads, viruses, or viruses that masquerade as ads. At this point in the talk, an audience member may suggest that Bitcoins can make things better. Mickens will laugh at this audience member and then explain why trusting the Bitcoin infrastructure is like asking Dracula to become a vegan. Mickens will conclude by describing why true love is a joke and why we are all destined to die alone and tormented. The first ten attendees will get balloon animals, and/or an unconvincing explanation about why Mickens intended to (but did not) bring balloon animals. Mickens will then flee on horseback while shouting “The Prince of Lies escapes again!”

The NSW Liberal Party is refusing to reveal when royal commissioner Dyson Heydon was invited to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser that has been promoted as a party event and addressed by prominent LIberals since its inception in 2010. Dyson Heydon and the long liberal party history of the garfield barwick address ; Story about Panel members that awarded Tony Abbott his prized rhodes scholarship

Prior to World War II, the first defendant’s parents owned five substantial properties in the centre of Prague: land in Kbely (a suburb of Prague); horticultural land in Repy (on the outskirts of Prague); a forest in the North East of what is now the Slovak Republic; and an apartment building and adjacent land in Dresden, Germany.
In the aftermath of World War II these properties were seized by communist regimes in Czechoslovakia and East Germany. About this time, the first defendant’s parents, Alois and Anna Talacko, left Europe and settled in Australia.

Robert Wood, Mo’ Indictments For Mo’ Money Taxes, 20 Years Prison Possible. “Indeed, the fallout for innocent taxpayers patronizing a tax preparation shop that is in trouble can be far-reaching.”  Yes, that’s why taxpayers should be wary of a shop that seems to always get bigger refunds than anyone else.

Tony Nitti, If You Hired Mo’ Money Taxes To Prepare Your Return, You Continue To Have Mo’ Problems.  “The most institutionally corrupt organization south of the New England Patriots…”

News from the Profession. In the Future, Accountants Count Everything (Chris Hooper, Going Concern).