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Top 13 Cities in the World for Bicyclists: Husky

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Huskisson Travelling Film Festival opens this weekend

Stewart Lee Sums Up Most Of Social Media In Less Than One Minute
***Stewart Lee Sums Up Most Of Social Media In Less Than One Minute

Adventure Cycling - Top 13 Cities in the World for Bicyclists: “PeopleForBikes released its fourth annual city ratings for bicycling this year, ranking Brooklyn, New York, on top for large cities; Berkeley, California, first for medium-sized cities; and Provincetown, Massachusetts, the best for small cities. The ratings are intended to shine a light on those cities with the best cycling conditions, as well as provide city leaders with ideas to make conditions even better. The ratings were extended internationally for the first time this year, with rankings for 30 European, 42 Canadian, and 35 Australian cities…”

Last year I separated, turned 50 and bought a ute. All are unrelated, yet came as a sort of job lot of midlife crises that in some cosmic way has reshaped masculinity. Life upended, I’m getting old, I have a ute. Previously, I’d only ever owned one car. I’m that bloke, on the bike. I’ve dinked our little boy to and from school through the first years of his education – he rides side-saddle on the crossbar in all weathers, between my arms, bell-ringing when required, and I wish for it never to end. It’s our happy place. Free-spirited, talk loosened by the shared movement.

Years ago, I bought a bicycle at a garage sale in Point Piper, a Sydney harbourside knob for the outrageously wealthy. It was a good bike – sold by the scion of a construction magnate to help fund a ski jaunt – barely used, though a size too small (as, unfortunately, were all his shoes). But with the seat post fully extended, his two wheels got me everywhere. Since about then I’ve avoided car ownership, despite its place in the Australian way of life and how it might confer a type of manhood. What’s under the hood and all that.

Last year I separated and turned 50. Then Dorothy swept me off my feet

Matchbloc 05

Look at how beautiful these mid-century matchbox labels are — they’re from Eastern Bloc countries (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, etc.) from the 1950s to the 1980s. These are part of a collection by Jane McDevitt. Prints of some of these labels are available and there’s also a book.

You won't want to miss this fantastic new Velvet Underground documentaryYou won't want to miss this fantastic new Velvet Underground documentary

Timeline of the human condition | Milestones in evolution and history

Drawing a Tree: Uncommon Vintage Italian Meditation on the Existential Poetics of Diversity and Resilience Through the Art and Science of Trees

In practice, people are stupid, lazy, and behave as if they’re insane, and all human endeavors are a result of that trio of near-universal traits. So we should see the world accordingly.

Why You Should Assume Everyone Is Stupid, Lazy, and Possibly Insane (Including You) Realizing everyone you meet is massively flawed isn’t cheery, but it explains a lot.

Why Starting a Cannabis Business Is So Hard

This video provides a good overview of the difficulty involved in starting a business that grows, sells, or distributes cannabis products, which can include money, federal illegality, state regulations, and structural racism.

Jeannette: So you really got to get your business funded from your personal wealth or from your network wealth.

Nancy: Those situations begin to favor people who’ve traditionally had good access to capital.

Jeremy: And oftentimes that correlate with being white.

Adriana: It is very white male-dominant. And there’s no reason that that is what it should be.

Narrator: Only 2% of cannabis entrepreneurs are Black. Yet Black Americans were most affected by marijuana’s illegal status in the past.

Jeremy: There is kind of a clear throughline from the war on drugs. According to the ACLU, Black people are four times as likely than whites to get arrested for cannabis use, despite using at very similar rates across age groups, across different states.

See also A Post-Legalization Cannabis Reading List.