Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Nonprofit Websites Are Riddled With Ad Trackers

  Nonprofit Websites Are Riddled With Ad Trackers – Enterprise reporter Alfred Ng and Investigative Data Journalist Maddy Varner detail how many non profit organizations that often deal in sensitive issues, like mental health, addiction, and reproductive rights—are feeding data about website visitors to corporations.

Study: Sell An Idea By Focusing On “Why” Or “How”?

Should she focus on why her idea is useful or should she instead promote a more concrete focus on how the idea works when pitching to an audience of investors? - Harvard Business Review

Better Off Dead: A Jack Reacher Novel. 

Need to remove an object from an image? KnowTechie – “If you’ve ever had to quickly edit something (or someone) out of a picture, you know it is a frustrating task best left to the professionals. Well, now it is something you can tackle whenever you have a spare minute, with a new tool that lets you remove objects from a picture with ease.

 It’s called Cleanup.Pictures, and it’s some kind of technological wizardry. You can paint out people, objects, and more in seconds and without knowing how to do anything other than scribble with an on-screen paintbrush. The app is not up to professional standards, but then again, that’s why professionals get paid the big bucks to do image editing…”

Emergency Room Doctors’ Lobbyist Admits to Large-Scale Medicare Billing Fraud by Members, Criminal Corporate Practice of Medicine by PE Firms

Private equtiy stealing from babies…um, oldsters….um, Medicare. Who’d have thunk it?

Let’s BUY ONE:  In Italy, old towns eager for new blood sell homes for about $1 [LA Times]

This is WILD: Adam Levine defends his perfectly nice, normal response to fan who jumped on stage. Fan culture is getting…very extreme in certain arenas. Famous people are allowed to not want randos to leap on stage to hug them while they’re working. [Celebitchy]

I Set Out to Build the Next Library of Alexandria. Now I Wonder: Will There Be Libraries in 25 Years?

TIME – Brewster Kahle, Founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive. Member, National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Internet Hall of Fame<
“When I started the Internet Archive 25 years ago, I focused our non-profit library on digital collections: preserving web pages, archiving television news, and digitizing books. The Internet Archive was seen as innovative and unusual. Now all libraries are increasingly electronic, and necessarily so. 

To fight disinformation, to serve readers during the pandemic, and to be relevant to 21st-century learners, libraries must become digital. But just as the Web increased people’s access to information exponentially, an opposite trend has evolved. Global media corporations—emboldened by the expansive copyright laws they helped craft and the emerging technology that reaches right into our reading devices—are exerting absolute control over digital information. These two conflicting forces—towards unfettered availability and completely walled access to information—have defined the last 25 years of the Internet. How we handle this ongoing clash will define our civic discourse in the next 25 years. If we fail to forge the right path, publishers’ business models could eliminate one of the great tools for democratizing society: our independent libraries…”