Sunday, November 14, 2021

Ian Fleming Estate Authorizes New 007 Series

What’s The Secret Of Poetry’s Power? It’s The Rhythm, Baby

"Poems meet the raw needs of our most vulnerable inner selves in a disarmingly primal way, using a simple tool no other sort of language mobilises in quite the same manner: predictable, physical, rhythmical repetition. Poetry chants and incants; it excites and lulls." - Psyche

 Licensed to flesh out the James Bond world but without 007.  Meh.  What is next?: “Q equips Spiderman vs. Iron Man”?

Ian Fleming Estate Authorizes New 007 Series

Kim Sherwood has struck a deal with HarperCollins to write three contemporary thrillers set in the world of James Bond but where the original 007 is missing, presumed captured or even killed. - The Guardian

How to Memorize the Un-Memorizable - LitHub: “Marcus du Sautoy Offers Tips and Tricks for Building a Better “Memory Palace”…But how does [Ed Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory and founder of a new venture for learning languages called Memrise] use this cast of characters to remember a 1000-digit number? 
The key is to put those characters in space: “If you want to make very, very long chains of information of things, you need a backbone on which to project our images, and it so happens that we have an extraordinary potency of memory for space. Mammals developed an incredible capacity to navigate and remember an incredible repertoire of spaces. Even if we don’t think so, we’re all really good at this. Just after wandering around an elaborate building for a few minutes we can memorize its layout. So we can use this powerful skill as a shortcut to piggyback our images representing our numbers. This is called building a memory palace.”

What Happened To Tony Soprano In The End? “Sopranos” Showrunner David Chase Finally ‘Fesses Up

Okay, it's not really a surprise, but we finally get confirmation from the guy who made the decision, along with his feelings about the brouhaha around the show's finale, what led him to make the prequel, and how he feels about film versus TV. - The Hollywood Reporter

The Art World’s Most Wanted Criminal (No, Not Inigo Philbrick)

"Not so long ago, Christian Rosa was a buzzy young artist on the rise. Now he's facing a series of charges related to alleged forgeries and on the run from the FBI. How did it come to this?" - Vanity Fair

Inigo Philbrick, “The Bernie Madoff Of Art Dealers”, Will Plead Guilty To Fraud

In 2020 he was indicted on multiple charges of wire fraud and identity theft and fled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, where he was ultimately arrested; deemed a flight risk, he's been in custody in New York ever since. - Artnet

“The Internet At Its Utopian Best”: In Praise Of The Public Domain Review

"'A frictionless world' in which evidence of the imagination floats around in the empyrean 'without cost, without registration, and without restrictive conditions on their use, … a Borgesian Library of Babel, the Review is a labyrinth to get lost in." - The Times Literary Supplement (UK)

All the lonely people, 
Where do they all come from? 
All the lonely people, 
Where do they all belong?