Saturday, November 20, 2021

Arcane, hereditary, all-male — and at the heart of British democracy

 You can’t hide from your cat, so don’t even try Live Science

Man who claims he swapped his wife’s ‘aggressive’ cat for a friendlier lookalike while she was away reveals he’s plagued by guilt six years on – and critics claim it’s a divorce-worthy offence Daily Mail

Cats can track your ‘invisible presence’ using only their ears CNN 

Evan Isshak appeared to be a clean skin, a successful entrepreneur living in an upmarket apartment with water views. His criminal record was blemish free.

But the intelligence analysts suspected there was more to Isshak’s story. The reason the Sydneysider had hit the radar of the secretive Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) was partly because of allegations he possessed a unique knowledge base.

How a mysterious underworld ‘kingpin’ ended up in handcuffs

“A Home in the Neon Heat of Nature”: A New Biography of Czesław Miłosz.

Miłosz felt that the United States, specifically the American West, could provide that lofty vantage, that distance, that relative stability from the “demoniac doings of History.” He would live in the Golden State for 40 years, from 1960 to 2000, but according to Czeslaw Miłosz: A California Life, Cynthia Haven’s deeply considered new biography of the poet, Miłosz’s move to America was predicated on a fundamental error. “In immigrating to the United States, and specifically to California in 1960,” Haven writes, “he thought he was coming to the timeless world of nature. However, Berkeley was about to become a lightning rod for […] the world of change […] and he would be in the thick of it.”

 Autism shapes the gut microbiome, scientists report, not the other way around.

Evolutionary Quirk That Allows Antarctica’s Icefish To Survive Extreme Cold Atlas Obscura 

Arcane, hereditary, all-male — and at the heart of British democracy FT. Musical interlude.