Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Taxmen found involved in 'unique' scam

 As the world re-opens and we enter the New Abnormal, let’s junk the old, traditional titles and let Freedom ring.


              Old                                          New

C.E.O.    Chief Executive Officer               Chief Excitement Officer

C.M.O.   Chief Marketing Officer               Chief Magic Officer

C.I.O.    Chief Information Officer             Chief Ideas Officer

C.S.O.   Chief Sustainability Officer          Chief Sensation Officer


C.S.R.    Corporate Social Responsibility    Corporate Social Revolution


Get some titles and language that people can believe in, are excited by and can get behind!

The creative power of your intuition

Taxmen found involved in 'unique' scam

  • Federal Tax Ombudsman Dr Asif Mahmood Jah unearths scam involving tax officials who sought accountholders' information through issuance of fake/forged notices

Police have been called in to hunt out fraudulent claims for COVID-19 business grants after thousands of people had their regular payments from Service NSW halted without notice.

Service NSW calls in police to investigate fraudulent claims for COVID-19 business grants

Widespread money laundering in property locking out Australians from owning homes, Senate told

The reality of money launderers
In Assistant Commissioner Brett Martin’s new Pulse article, he explores the sinister behaviour of money launderers, one of 10 personas in the Serious Financial Crime Identikit.  

Beware of what you share – identity thieves are out there
In Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh’s recent LinkedIn pulse article, he provides some helpful tips on how to keep your tax identity safe.


District Court Holds that Custodial FBI Investigation on Arrest for Nontax Crime Producing Tax Crime Information Not in Charges Originally Made Did Not Violate Rights 

In United States v. Lieber, No. 1:20-CR-10111-RWZ, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 197575 (D. Mass. Oct. 13, 2021), CL opinion here and docket entries here, the Court denied the defendant’s motion to suppress statements made during a custodial interview by FBI agents after his arrest on the initial indictment charging nontax crimes.  I previously wrote on the superseding indictment Superseding Indictment for Former Harvard Chair on Tax and FBAR Crimes (7/29/20), here.

The opinion is very short and very well written.  I recommend readers of this blog read the whole thing.

What are the limits of logic? Times Literary Supplement. Biography of Kurt Gödel.

Hunt for Alien Life Tops Next-Gen Wish List for U.S. Astronomy Scientific American

Eric Adams vows to take first three paychecks as NYC mayor in Bitcoin Independent (resilc). Wowsers. Clueless as to what that will take operationally. Gonna cost way way way more than a full year of pay to implement this stunt. Does he want NYC’s treasury to be able to handle Bitcoin in anticipation of ransomware attacks? That’s the only possible public purpose.

NY Times: Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals. Discuss.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Who Eventually Won the Cold War?

Are we supposed to treat seriously charges of racism from an accuser that has incarcerated in forced labor camps over 1 million Uighur Muslims, and yet annually sends over 300,000 of its brightest and most privileged Chinese youth to American universities where supposedly they would be targets of racist Americans?

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs either hated his former president so much or was so enthralled or terrified by his Communist Chinese military counterparts, that he called them to reassure them that the U.S. military would warn them beforehand should Trump consider any preemptive action directed at China. After that, China likely felt it had already won the propaganda war.