Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The great resignation is here! Seven things bosses should do to make brilliant staff stay

 In my day – geezer that I am – it took

            some discernment to score primo weed,
            and always the fear that the dealer was a narc,
            or if you sweated sauntering past beat cops,
            they’d stop you faster than Killer Kowalski’s
            professional-wrestler Atomic-Drop-Kick move.
           And now the Girl Scouts will sell cookies
           outside pot shops! I ask you, is nothing sacred?
“There are eight million stories  in the Naked City,” 

The great resignation is here! Seven things bosses should do to make brilliant staff stay

In the shameful persecution of Julian Assange, justice for one is justice for us all

The High Court ruling on Assange’s extradition will determine whether the British judiciary has trashed the last vestiges of its vaunted reputation. 

All The IKEA Cabinet Front Companies You Should Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Dan Lewis: “If you’re reading this, you are in the situation I was in two weeks ago: in a fit of decluttering, I ended up with a hundred or so old books, almost all in very good condition, that I had zero use for. And not wanting to see the books go to waste, I wanted to donate them somewhere. That proved difficult. But thanks to the readers of Now I Know, my free daily trivia email newsletter that you really should sign up for, I was able to get rid of all the books (without resorting to putting them out with the recycling). Now I Know’s readers made dozens and dozens of suggestions, which you can find below…”

Traces of coronavirus found on frozen cuttlefish slices imported to Hong Kong from MalaysiaSouth China Morning Post. Finally, a case of fomite transmission?

Jes Staley’s Reign at Barclays Was Haunted by Ghosts Bloomberg

These are the health benefits of showering in cold water World Economic Forum. Wake up, take a cold shower, then bugs for breakfast!

Google’s ‘Be Evil’ business transformation is complete: Time for the end game The Register

US bond tumult risks triggering stock market volatility, analysts warn FT

Human Birth Canals Are Seriously Twisted. Researchers Think They’ve Figured Out Why.

For all the benefits wrought by the information revolution, social media has become a tool of dictators. Its profit-driven, surveillance-based business model favours those with deep pockets and deadly motives. In the first of two articles, cybersecurity expert and human rights activist Manal al-Sharifsuggests way to invent the digital world for the better.

Social media: time to turn around the weapons

Should you trust media bias charts?

Poynter: “These controversial charts claim to show the political lean and credibility of news organizations. Here’s what you need to know about them…Impartial journalism is an impossible ideal. That is, at least, according to Julie Mastrine. “Unbiased news doesn’t exist. Everyone has a bias: everyday people and journalists. And that’s OK,” Mastrine said. But it’s not OK for news organizations to hide those biases, she said. “We can be manipulated into (a biased outlet’s) point of view and not able to evaluate it critically and objectively and understand where it’s coming from,” said Mastrine, marketing director for AllSides, a media literacy company focused on “freeing people from filter bubbles.” That’s why she created a media bias chart. As readers hurl claims of hidden bias towards outlets on all parts of the political spectrum, bias charts have emerged as a tool to reveal pernicious partiality. Charts that use transparent methodologies to score political bias — particularly the AllSides chart and another from news literacy company Ad Fontes Media — are increasing in popularity and spreading across the internet. According to CrowdTangle, a social media monitoring platform, the homepages for these two sites and the pages for their charts have been shared tens of thousands of times. But just because something is widely shared doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Are media bias charts reliable?…”

Fights and findings

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