Thursday, November 05, 2020


 BRYAN PRESTON: Bureaucrats Try Limiting Us to Just One Drink a Day—After Everything They’ve Put Us Through?

Parrot saves owner from Brisbane house fire by raising alarm before smoke detectors 

In troubled times, a ritual walk can clear the mind and soothe the soul Guardian

NICK OWENS, RIP: Mack Mackowiak’s tribute is truly touching. And a useful insight into Washington’s 20-30 Something culture that is hardly differenttoday from when I arrived in 1976.


Nicole Farhi: Folds is an exhibition of sculptures of intriguing female nudes presented at Beaux Arts London for the next two months.

This indifference to electoral politics is not a matter of philosophy but temperament. By nature I am not an enthusiast. I never had school spirit. As Max Beerbohm puts it in “General Elections” (Yet Again, 1909): “I admire detachment. I commend a serene indifference to hubbub.” Causes don’t move me. I inhabit a world of individuals, not demographics. Human nature is largely intractable and moral progress is a myth. The Gulag is a suburb of Utopia. Given appropriate stimuli, like the rest of the species I am capable of savagery – and of selfless sacrifice. No human is pure. As Evelyn Waugh puts it, “we are all potential recruits for anarchy.” Individuals can change; the species, never. Dr. Johnson contributed these lines to Oliver Goldsmith’s 1764 poem “The Traveller”:


“How small, of all that human hearts endure,

That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.

Still to ourselves in every place consign’d,

Our own felicity we make or find.”

‘You’re Out of Your Mind if You Think I’m Ever Going Back to School’ NYT

225,000 couples owe a collective $3.7 billion for weddings that didn’t happen in 2020 Yahoo Money

The next pandemic: where is it coming from and how do we stop it? FT

These 6 skills cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence World Economic Forum. Worth a read. First, they came for the working class… 


He Made a Minor Mistake Filling Out an Unemployment Form. Then the State Demanded $14,990 From Him. Pro Publica


The struggle between success and succession FT


Common Ownership and the Corporate Governance Channel for Employer Power in Labor Markets (PDF) Marshall Steinbaum, Antitrust Bulletin


The Remarkable Value of Thinking Broadly: A COVID-19 Trifecta (interview) Zeynep Tufekci, MedScape

The Epigenetic Secrets Behind Dopamine, Drug Addiction and Depression Quanta

A pioneering biologist explains the co-evolution of the vagina and penis Aeon. “Passing up a link like this is hard! ;-)”

Japanese Store Installs Glass Panels In Ceiling For Resident Cats to Safely Watch From AboveLaughing Squid

Tree-Dwelling Gray Foxes Decorate With SkeletonsTreeHugger

Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogsScience 

sPoOky! This soldier is going as Fort Hood for Halloween DuffelBlog 

Earthquake hits Greece and Turkey, bringing deaths and floods BBC