Monday, November 16, 2020

Scholars of civilizational collapse

Save the Birds: Study Adds to Calls to Ban Dogs from Beaches During Shorebird Nesting Season

Study shows nesting shorebirds are flushed from their nests during nesting season by dogs, whether or not on leads.

Friends and Memories: 

Millions Face Loss of Jobless Aid: ‘Without It, I’m Dead in the Water’ NYT


What We Should Remember on Armistice DayJacobin

Ötzi, the Man in the Ice Patrick Wyman

Police union condemns federal corruption commission as a ‘protection racket’ for government MPs

Scholars of civilizational collapse (NYT)

Paying people to get vaccinated

Harvard’s Stephanie D. Cheng: another job candidate focused on the economics of science

Yang You, Harvard job market candidate

From the Korean War: ” I show that a one standard deviation increase in wartime racial integration caused white veterans to live in more racially diverse neighborhoods and marry spouses with less distinctively white names.”  That is from Daniel Indacochea, job candidate at the University of Toronto

Did the Libertarian Party hurt Trump?

How Bunny the Dog Is Pushing Scientists’ ButtonsThe Verge 

First murder hornet nest found to have 200 queens capable of spawning new nests Guardian

The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says CNN

An Economist’s Guide to the World in 2050Bloomberg