Saturday, November 07, 2020

Jack Kerouac

What happens when we pray? An anthropologist embeds with an evangelical church to distinguish the metaphorical from the miraculous  

Last year only one Sydney bar was in the top 50. Other Australian bars were also recognised in the 51–100 list.

Sydney's strong bar scene continues to be recognised by The World’s 50 Best Bars awards, which were announced early this morning in London. 

For the second year, 1950s Vegas-inspired cocktail bar Maybe Sammy was included, voted in at number 11, up from 43 in the 2019 list. Also in the top 50 was tiny mezcal mecca Cantina Ok! at 28 and hidden Bulletin Place, voted in at 39. All three are located in Sydney's CBD. 

The number-one bar of the year went to London's Connaught Bar. "This Mayfair hotel bar’s trick is it isn’t trend-chasing and flash," said the judges. "...It evolves from one year to the next, always delivering with poise and studied purpose." The number-two spot was awarded to Dante in New York and three went to The Clumsies in Athens.

Three Sydney Bars Were Named In The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards

In Prague, a Sleek Adaptive Re-Use Project Brings New Life to a Neglected Riverfront

How To Stay Creative During COVID Lockdown

The sameness and lack of novelty in our Covid existence can negatively impact our creativity — our ability to put ideas together in new, useful combinations to solve problems. Creativity is often enhanced when we’re exposed to new situations. – Harvard Business Review

Like all of us, our lives unfold with the tedium of the everyday and of the obvious things of the everyday: waking, sleeping, working, eating. loving, hearing, forgiving, shopping, always safe, everything always so gentle and slow and sad, the life we construct with such fragility, ordinary life, the life it's tolerable to live, but along with that there's always this shadow, this imbalance, this possibility. Chaos is always lying in wait for us, at any moment, because we are the one who bear it, always waiting, the secret hope that something is finally going to happen , that something is going to happen and propel us toward what we longed for, what we feared, what we never had the courage to name. The first look is merely the confirmation, a reflection in the bathroom in the morning, the first look is a mirror in which we see ourselves for the first time, unrecognizable, and in wonder we notice something that's incredibly beautiful in ourselves. Do you understand? I'm finding it hard, too, but I'm trying to explain it to you. But what for, you'll say? So that you will love me? Perhaps.

As people get older, the types and numbers of friends they have tend to change. As young adults, humans have large groups of friends. With age, they often prefer to spend their time with just a few close, positive individuals.

Researchers long believed that this aging attraction toward meaningful relationships was unique to humans, but a new study finds that chimps also have similar tendencies.

Chimps, Like People, Get Picky About Friends as They Ageby Mary Jo DiLonardo 

Hundreds of people pass by. Reality erases itself as it rerecords itself, Elf thinks. Time is the Great Forgetter. She gets her notebook from her handbag and writes, Memories are unreliable . . . Art is memory made public. Time wins in the long run. Books turn to dust, negatives decay, records get worn out, civilisations burn. But as long as the art endures, a song or a view or a thought or a feeling someone once thought worth keeping is saved and stays shareable. Others can say, "I feel that too."

All the Famous Writers Who Have Reportedly Come Back as Ghosts | CrimeReads

I'm reading Solutions and Other Problems, by Allie Brosh, and it makes me laugh in the way you laugh when if you didn't laugh you would cry.

But, as long as you aren't dead, you need something to do. And surviving is something to do.

Maverick Philosopher: Jack Kerouac: Religious Writer?

I, too, am a Kerouac fan, and think it best in the case to let him speak for himself.
In Satori in Paris he say thar what was needed was "a tale that's told for companionship and to teach something religious, of religious reverence, about real life, in this real world," not the "silence in the yards.” Specifically, as he says in but The Dharma Bums, "the roar of silence itself, which is a great Shhhh reminding you of something you've seemed to have forgotten in the stress of your days since birth.

 Add vitamin D to bread and milk to help fight Covid, urge scientists.

At dinner the other night, our waitress mentioned she’d been feeling fatigued and run-down, and it turned out her vitamin D level was 8. (30 is the low threshold of “normal,” I’m at 60, which is where my doc likes me to be). She’s supplementing now, she said, and a good thing.

Related:  People who suffer the most severe Covid symptoms are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D – how to boost your intake. Food and sun are nice, but most people will need a supplement to get to the desirable level.


“If I don’t write, I have nowhere to put my memories, and that’s dangerous.  I have a problem.  I don’t forget anything.  My forgetting mechanism is completely screwed up.  All the partings, the deaths, the unexploited opportunities.  They are all trapped in my body, and writing is the only way to release them….If I don’t occasionally unburden myself …I won’t be able to breathe.”