Sunday, November 01, 2020

Online Theater Gets More Interactive


  • Almanac: Anthony Powell on growing old
    “Growing old’s like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.” Anthony Powell, Temporary Kings Continue reading Almanac: Anthony Powell on growing old at About Last Night


    In the restaurant, Bolza has paid particular attention to light. Whether it’s the golden afternoon sun streaming through the enormous floor to double-height ceiling glass windows which overlook the Estate, to the warm glow emanating from the custom-made cordless lamps on the tables, or the dramatic sharp shards beaming across the dark ceiling void, the overall effect achieves a kind of cinematic drama perfectly paired with the grandeur of the space itself.   


    The home sits deep within the Ben Boyd National Park near the Nelligen village, just 285 km (177 mi) south of Sydney, which has made it a handy and beloved home-away- from-home for the owner couple. They bought the land in 2007, but then spent a decade waiting, dreaming and planning their dream house. 

 Even Before Buñuel, Way Back In 1908, There Was Surrealist Spanish Film

“Segundo de Chomón, a pioneering Spanish director often compared to Georges Méliès, … made bizarre trick films that experimented with color and temporality, and would eventually influence the surrealist work of filmmakers Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, making him, in many ways, the father of Spanish cinema.” – JSTOR Daily

Online Theater Gets More Interactive

“Several months into the pandemic, performers, designers and writers are using technology … with more ingenuity. They’re skillfully adapting some of the devices honed in live performance over the years — namely, techniques to break the fourth wall and lure spectators into the show. And in the process, theater is reclaiming for these trying times its rightful status as the most intimate of art forms.” – The Washington Post

Poland’s Hottest Rapper Walks Right Into The Culture Wars

“Taco Hemingway is a household name in Poland. One of the country’s biggest rappers, he has songs that get millions of views, and before the coronavirus hit, he filled arenas. … Over the summer, he released a track, ‘Polskie Tango’ (‘Polish Tango’), which many saw as a direct criticism of Poland’s right-wing government and [its] culture of fear. … He soon found himself under attack on social media and becoming a target for conservative journalists.” – The New York Times