Monday, November 23, 2020


 Judge smacks down Ernst & Young’s aggressive tax strategies for audit client Coca-Cola Francine McKenna, The Dig. Deck: “It’s not enough for auditor EY to be in the spotlight for frauds at Wirecard, NMC, and Luckin. EY is also defending dubious tax avoidance schemes in court.”

The odd couple: behind Alan Jones and Tanya Plibersek's 20-year bond

Nick Corbishley: Bankruptcy Looms As Cash-Starved UK Local Councils’ High-Risk Real Estate Bets Sour

UK councils were already in trouble due to austerity, inflated charges for services, and mismanagement. Covid is set to generate bankruptcies

Reform Doesn’t Have to Cost Votes IMF Blog. UserFriendly: “God, this is evil.”

The Vanished Botticelli In The Middle Of Lawsuits, Tax Havens, And A Multi-Country Investigation

Who owns the 1485 Madonna and Child? And, perhaps more importantly for art lovers, where is the painting? 

The tale is long, twisty, and intensely shady. – The Observer (UK)

Andrew Leigh and “disconnectedness”… good on documentation but poor on explanation

There has been reduction in acquaintance with neighbours, volunteering, giving to charity, blood donation, membership of organisations such as Scouts and unions, satisfaction with democracy, and number of trusted friends.

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ICIJ" Getting our hands on a trove of exclusive documents does not mean that exclusive stories fall into our laps.

It takes a lot of time – 16 months total in the case of FinCEN Files – and exhaustive effort to make sense of these documents and tell fair and accurate news stories that connect global malfeasance to everyday people. This process includes data cleaning, verification and sophisticated analysis, hunting down thousands of related records, and shoe-leather reporting to connect the dots and find the victims of  broken systems.

This week, reporter Will Fitzgibbon takes us on that journey, sharing how just a few words in a secret bank document set him on a path to investigating a global drug trafficking ring that landed him in Garland, North Carolina, where he met a grieving family who suffered the ultimate consequence when dirty money was allowed to flow freely around the world.  

You can help get us to the South by Southwest online conference. There’s three days left to vote for our panel, where we’ll get together with experts to discuss the extreme inequality enabled by a broken global financial system, and how it’s possible to fix it. Get your vote in by this Friday, Nov. 20, to make it a reality.

FinCEN Files won its first major global award! Our Argentinian partners at La Nación, Infobae and Perfil were honored with the Top Investigative Journalism FOPEA 2020 Award for revealing suspicious money flows to and from the country linked to politicians, soccer players and businesspeople.

Authoritative new research studied patients who received common types of implants to keep hearts beating in rhythm. The findings challenge the claim that doctors’ decisions aren’t influenced by large payments from drug and device companies, an issue we highlighted in the Implant Files investigation.

At a parliamentary hearing held in response to FinCEN Files, Belgium’s biggest banks asked for laws allowing them to set up a secure platform to share information about suspected money laundering and the shadowy entities behind the transactions. 

China threatens to 'poke the eyes' of Five Eyes nations over HK

  • by Eryk Bagshaw