Friday, November 20, 2020

Feeding the Wolf


An old Judge is teaching his grandson about life.


“A fight is going on inside me” he said to the boy.


“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.  One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.”


He continued “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person too.”


The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather “Which wolf will win?”.


The old Judge simply replied “The one you feed”

TIL in 1980 the FBI formed a fake company and attempted to bribe members of congress. Nearly 25% of those tested accepted the bribe, and were convicted.

NSW Police will be granted greater powers that allow them to search drug dealers, their homes and cars without a search warrant for two years in a pilot program to be implemented in four jurisdictions.

A bill, which was first flagged in mid-2019, passed Parliament on Wednesday night and is expected to come into effect before the end of the year.

Nowhere to hide' for political rivals ? And drug dealers as police given new powers


ASIO warns government staff to be cautious online, in new foreign interference campaign

ESPIONAGE: Cyber espionage has been targeting all levels of government, universities and academia to gain access to sensitive and commercially valuable information.


Major bank exec convicted over fraudulent tax claims

A major bank executive has been convicted and fined after attempting to obtain close to $25,000 in work-related expenses.

Sydney man Mario Seifried has now been handed a criminal conviction and fined $1,500 after appearing before the Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday.

Mr Seifried, an executive manager at the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) at the time of the offence, had lodged two income tax returns for the 2016 and 2017 financial years, falsely claiming a range of car, travel, self-education and other work-related expenses that he had not legitimately incurred.

“Krebs has been terminated”: Trump fires cybersecurity chief on Twitter Ars Technica