Saturday, November 21, 2020

Communist pigs

“We need to teach our kids to be tough: the system may be synthesized to protect them from bullies, but who will protect them against a system gone wrong?”
Charbel Tadros



“A leader, without wisdom, is dangerous. A wise person, without leadership, is useless. But if they work together, they are unstoppable.”
Charbel Tadros  


Gathering information …

… Washington’s Spies (2006 review).

       New Hyperion 

       The November 2020 issue (warning ! dreaded pdf format !) of Hyperion is out. 
       147 pages of excerpts, interviews, and essays -- more than enough to keep you covered for the weekend ! 

How to Make the World’s Best Paper Airplane

Wired – on YouTube: “John Collins, also known as ‘The Paper Airplane Guy,’ teaches us how to fold and fly our very own version of his “world record” paper airplane. John attempts to make the greatest paper airplane on the planet, and takes us along for the ride.”

Heather M. Field (UC-Hastings), Allocating Tax Transition Risk, 73 Tax L. Rev. ___ (2020):

The enactment of sweeping tax changes in late 2017 by Republicans without any bipartisan support and the calls by Democrats to reverse those changes (and make more) when they regain political power create an unstable tax landscape that is challenging for taxpayers who are trying to make economic decisions that are affected by tax law.

  At The Conversation they have an edited version of Gail Jones' submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the creative industries, Australian literature is chronically underfunded -- here's how to help it flourish
       While the specifics here are Australia-related, similar issues of course exist in many other countries. 

An in depth conversation between New York Times columnist and author David Brooks and Bruce talking about society, politics, race, religion, and music. Available now at The Atlantic.

Literature is distinct from politics, and yet, from Walt Whitman to Curtis Sittenfeld, American writers can’t look away