Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Grey Market

“Thus far, the only people who can grant you immortality are not scientists, but writers. By writing you into their books, they may not only immortalize you, but also grant you superpowers.”
Charbel Tadros 

Under the law of adverse possession, a person who occupies another person's property for at least 12 years may be entitled to become its registered owner, provided they occupy it without force, secrecy, and the owner's permission. There has been a small flurry of squatter's rights cases this year.

 Going to Maine – “In addition to being a “duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, egg-laying aquatic [venomous mammal]”, platypii are also bioluminescent! ViceNational GeographicThe New York TimesPhys.orgThe Cut, and Science News have reportage on the forthcoming paper in Mammalia

 In China, “grey market” vaccine doses are going for $600-$1500

Who are the greatest right-wing literary authors?

Robert Fisk had True Independence of Mind, Which is Why He Angered Governments andParts of the Media Counterpunch

1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions – study Guardian

‘Predatory and Opportunistic’: Southwest Airlines Seizes the Moment as Rivals Struggle WSJ

Marcus Rashford launches book club so ‘every child’ can experience ‘escapism’ Guardian

The key to smarter robot collaborators may be more simplicity MIT Technology Review

63 Amazing Finalists From The Ocean Photography Awards 2020 Bored Panda

Best of enemies Times Literary Supplement

‘The Christmas miracle of 2020’: A tiny owl was saved after getting stuck in New York’s Rockefeller Center tree National Post

Sydney businesswoman disappears on morning run following AFP raid

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