Thursday, October 01, 2020

How to Identify a Phishing Attempt and Thwart It

 Why do the shadows

Of trees on the old Vrbv school's walls

Make him feel so sad?

The Minimal Effects of TV Debates Between Candidates

Despite the hype surrounding the US presidential debates, they do little to shift voter views.


DFAT accidentally reveals email addresses of stranded Australians

 The emails containing the e-addresses were sent by the department on Wednesday, and contained information on a new loans program.


WA Office of Digital Government to run new Cyber Security Operations Centre

THE EYE OF SAURON: The Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Office of Digital Government will run the new centre, described as ‘the first of its kind in Australia’.

The huge change coming to how you claim government benefits: Aussies will use new $250million facial recognition to access services

Funding will allow for face verification capabilities and finalise the scheme’s integration with the MyGov website

Swearing parrots separated after telling folk where to go Five 

African grey parrots at a Lincolnshire zoo believed to be a bad influence on each other

How to Identify a Phishing Attempt and Thwart It – There has been a huge surge in phishing attacks and swindles during the COVID-19 pandemic as more people are working remotely. The attacks and scams have been perpetrated against businesses and individuals alike. Catherine Sanders Reach talks about the increased importance for lawyers and their teams in the office or working from home to understand the threats, and how to actively engage in efforts to reduce both individual and enterprise wide exposure.



Smithsonian – 3D-TV, Automated Cooking and Robot Housemaids: Walter Cronkite Tours the Home of 2001. In 1967, the most trusted man in America investigated the home of the 21st century.

The ancient trade holding back the Sahara DesertBBC

‘Very sorry’: Kim Jong Un apologises for killing of South Korean Al Jazeera

Mz. Kim has created courses to help people build that skill set, including “Monetizing Your Appeal Online: Content Strategies for Models”; before the pandemic, she held classes across the country. Part of her gospel is: “It’s not about starting a profile on Twitter. You have to provide something more than selfies. You have to think about: What is your core appeal?” (Next week a new class, “Investing for Sex Workers,” will go live.)

Here is the full NYT piece, with plenty of further examples.

Saturday’s good reading and listening for the weekend

What people in other forums are saying about public policy Continue reading 

Spreadsheet comparing Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums lists from 2003, 2012, and 2020.

The Marshall Project and Vox take a close look at US crime statistics over the past several months. "Something to know about crime trends: They are shaped by police action and inaction."

From an American living there, a report on how Vietnam beat back a second wave of Covid-19 infections. They used localized lockdowns, test/trace/isolate everywhere else, and the gov't has been clear and transparent in their actions and goals.

"Don't think of it as the warmest month of August in California in the last century. Think of it as one of the coolest months of August in California in the next century."

Tonight at 8pm ET: a livestreamed recording of Prince's New Year's Eve Benefit Concert from 1987 at Paisley Park. Prince fan @anildash says: "An amazing show, with perhaps Prince's best live band...and *then* Miles Davis shows up."

Sacha Baron Cohen Secretly Shot a Sequel to BoratThe Firm Stage. Can’t wait to see this; let’s hope it’s more than a damp squib.

Africa’s fashion business is using new and traditional methods to reform as a sustainable industry Quartz

The Revolutionary Beethoven Dissent

Book of Revelation Lapham’s Quarterly