Sunday, October 04, 2020

F Scott Fitzgerald In 1920 Was The Prophet Of 2020


JK Rowling’s Controversial New Book Tops Sales List

Sales figures from Nielsen BookScan reveal that Troubled Blood has hit the No 1 spot in the UK’s book charts, selling 64,633 copies in the five days to 19 September. According to the Bookseller, this is “by far” the biggest single-week sale for any Galbraith title, almost double the first-week sales of the novel’s predecessor, Lethal White. – The Guardian

F. Scott Fitzgerald In 1920 Was The Prophet Of 2020

“We should look anew at 1920 not because centenaries have magical properties but because Fitzgerald’s remarkably sensitive inner ear helped him register, before almost anyone else, when America started losing its balance.” – The New York Review of Books

An AI Scientist Explains Why The GPT-3 Bot Is So Good At ‘Writing’ Original Text

“It’s far and away the most ‘knowledgeable’ natural language generation program to date, and it has a range of potential uses in professions ranging from teaching to journalism to customer service. GPT-3 confirms what computer scientists have known for decades: Size matters.” – The Conversation

The One Patriotic Song That Unites All Americans (Good Thing Most Folks Don’t Know Its History)

“A sharp little scene [in Mrs. America] points out how two political opponents could both relate to [Woody] Guthrie’s generous vision of the US, but it also raises a crucial question about the significance of a song so famous that it has been described as an ‘alternative national anthem’. Not knowing about the story behind the song may make it universal, but is that at the cost of diluting it?” – BBC

Baritone Mariusz Kwiecień, 47, Retires From Singing Effective Immediately

For more than 20 years he sang the lyric baritone repertory at the world’s top opera companies, with Mozart’s Don Giovanni a specialty. But, before the lockdown, he had been canceling appearances frequently, and he continued to do so as opera production restarted in Europe this summer and fall. Now he has revealed that, due to persistent back problems, he has ended his performing career and been named artistic director at the opera house in Wrocław, Poland. – OperaWire