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Escape from communist Czechoslovakia: how one man crossed the Alps to freedom

I don't know who needs to hear this but... 

Cool experiment/quiz that demonstrates how photos affect our view of history.

Olga is long gone – a few years ago, MacNamara visited her grave in Wisconsin. Yet through her diary, the young immigrant girl lives on. “So many people compare their lives to the media and think they don’t have a life,” MacNamara says, “There’s no diary that I’ve read that doesn’t have an incredible story to tell. We all have a story: we will all suffer hardships, we will all have great joy. You think you’re alone in the world, but you’re not.”

Amerika and Liberty - ERIK SVANE:  Anna and Zuzanna Uhríkova, 16 and 22, were the latest of the six of a total of seven children to be sent across the Atlantic by a widowed farmer in the tiny Slovak hamlet of Vrbica. 

One Hundred Years Ago, a 16-Year-Old Slovak Girl Sailed past the Statue of Liberty into New York Harbor.

Úřad dokumentace a vyšetřování zločinů komunismu SKPV zahájil trestní stíhání

Několik osob bylo obviněno ze zvlášť závažného zločinu zneužití pravomoci úřední osoby. 

Dne 25.11.2019 policejní orgán Policie České republiky, Úřad dokumentace a vyšetřování zločinů komunismu služby kriminální policie a vyšetřování zahájil se souhlasem státního zástupce Obvodního státního zastupitelství pro Prahu 1 trestní stíhání Milouše Jakeše, JUDr. Lubomíra Štrougala a JUDr. Vratislava Vajnara, CSc., pro zvlášť závažný zločin zneužití pravomoci úřední osoby podle § 329 odst. 1 písm. c), odst. 2 písm. b), e) tr. zákoníku, ve znění účinném do dne 30.11.2011. Komunism

Úřad dokumentace a vyšetřování zločinů komunismu

Pamětní deska MOTOL

Geologist and mountaineer Jarek Jakubec, who believes life as a refugee in the 1980s was easier than it is for today’s exiles, says leaving his parents behind was the hardest thing

Escape from communist Czechoslovakia: how one man crossed the Alps to freedom

More than four decades after Carmen Rohrbach tried to swim her way out of then-Communist East Germany, she has no regrets, despite getting caught and being sent to prison.

Rohrbach, now 71, had always wanted to be an explorer. As a child, she learned to ride horses in the hope of one day touring Mongolia. Her dreams were crushed when she completed her biology degree in eastern Germany.

No regrets: East Germans recall attempts to escape Communist state

Exactly 70 years ago, three former RAF pilots staged the greatest air escape in Czechoslovak history. Defying strict Communist security measures, they flew themselves, their families and a score of unsuspecting miners into West Germany. Their success brought them freedom, but also hastened the crackdown on any former RAF pilots remaining in Czechoslovakia.

The great air escape – how three former RAF pilots escaped communist Czechoslovakia by hijacking civilian planes

The Romanian government body that helped secure the convictions of Communist-era prison commanders is now probing border officers who shot people trying to escape the country.

Romania to Investigate Communist Border Troops Who Shot Defectors

He escaped from communist Czechoslovakia and lived in the USA for 50 years – Ján Gadžo

Three lives of Jan Gadzo 

The story of one woman’s courage in escaping communist Czechoslovakia with her two children

#JOURNALISM:  Glenn Greenwald On His Resignation From The Intercept. “The only reason people are getting interested in and ready to scrutinize what I write is because everyone is afraid of being accused of having published something harmful to Biden.”

Most of our institutions are run by people who care more about the opinion of their social group than about doing their jobs.