Sunday, October 25, 2020

Huge Butterfly Murals


Working with entomologists around the globe, the French street artist known as Mantra(previously) transforms brick facades and concrete walls into massive studies of local butterfly specimens. With framed outer edges that mimic a wooden box, the trompe l’oeil murals render the winged insects in detail, depicting their richly hued scales and delicate antennae. Each artwork features species native to the area, making it possible that a live specimen might flutter by its enormous counterpart.

Mantra’s Trompe L’oeil Murals Encase Enormous Butterflies in Vintage-Style Boxes

Profits Over Human Life? ER Doctor’s Story Is Fearful Lesson for U.S. Workers During Pandemic

Dr. Ming Lin spoke out about Covid safety and was fired. A doctor working for corporations must check his medical ethics at the door.

FBI Arrests Florida Lawyer for Bank

How the Soviets accidently discovered the ‘Gates of Hell’ BBC video  of the most amazing sites I’ve ever visited.

Airbnb brings in Jony Ive to oversee redesign FT

Iron Curtain still separates Russia and the EUVineyard of the Saker non-paywalled version of Pepe Escobar’s latest.