Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bird of Paradise

 Young life is breathed

On the glass;

The world that was not

Has come to pass.

... with always a visionary glow: The Grandmothers, by Glenway Wescott (1927)

“The east was covered with tiny clouds like the torn bits of paper which a newcomer finds in a dismantled house; the sun entered the sky like such a newcomer.”


A Social Media Horror Story: “Our Social Dilemma”

In horror, “the narrative is driven by the question of whether the creature can be destroyed.” In The Social Dilemma, the creature is you and me, or at least the tech-addicted, algorithmically-modeled version of ourselves disclosed by big-tech behaviorism. So the film’s horrifying question is this: are you willing to destroy a part of yourself, that Twitter-refreshing creature within? – 3 Quarks Daily