Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fool Proof Writing ✍️ - Nailing Assessments and Compass in the Timely Manners

Some things you see coming.

Some things you don’t.

The trick is to be ready

for anything ...

Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise and Bureaucratic Egos ...

Part A: How to Build an Intelligence Brief

This is my process to writing intelligence briefs, think of it as a blueprint. You can use it too…it works!

 2.2 HMRC's approach in assessing the tax gap ... tax law and is informed by the intelligence the department ... (global head of tax policy at EY), writing in the Tax Journal, noted ...

My Fool Proof Process to Writing a Killer Intelligence Brief and Tips to Deliver Intelligence Assessments Better

Art, Craft and Science

Framework for Managing Fraud Risks in Federal Programs - GAO

ANAO GST State Revenue Administered By Commonwealth

“Once Upon a Time” – Intelligence101 Writing an Intelligence Analysis

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Intelligence Writing  Format