Saturday, October 24, 2020

On book hunting


Fun To Think About: Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

“Some have tried to identify ways in which we can discern if we are simulated beings. Others have attempted to calculate the chance of us being virtual entities. Now a new analysis shows that the odds that we are living in base reality—meaning an existence that is not simulated—are pretty much even. But the study also demonstrates that if humans were to ever develop the ability to simulate conscious beings, the chances would overwhelmingly tilt in favor of us, too, being virtual denizens inside someone else’s computer.” – Scientific American

Turner Winner Rachel Whiteread Urges Creative Young People Not To Give Up

The artist says that she’s been gaining comfort from doodling in her journal, not to mention new drawings and sculpture. But, in opposition to the offensive retraining advertisements the British government tried to put out a couple of weeks ago, she says that for young artists, “It is important they don’t give up on their dreams, and they follow through with what they have trained for.” – The Observer (UK)

The Great British Baking Show Still Somehow Makes Us Feel Good About Humanity

After all of these seasons, a switch from the BBC, the loss of the great Mary Berry (not to mention presenters Mel and Sue), and a barrage of other baking shows, how does the Great British Baking Show still do it? “To watch The Great British Baking Show is to believe that the average guy and gal can do remarkable things, that good nature is compatible with excellence, that high achievement will be recognized, that honest feedback can lead to improvement, that there are things to life beyond work. It is to believe that spectacular creativity can actually be scrumptious.” – The Atlantic