Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Science Of Wisdom

 Joe Sixpack And bad back

A (Very) Short History of the Idea of Ending Poverty

As material output increased, so to has the interest in treating poverty as a potentially solvable problem.

The Serious, Mysterious Autograph Collector

A jeweler started collecting autographs when he was a teenager. Eight presidents, many famous writers, Thomas Edison, and Sarah Bernhardt later, Lafayette Cornwell’s book was full – and a mystery. “How Cornwell organized the signatures in the book is as unclear as how he obtained so many.” – The New York Times

The Science Of Wisdom 

Really? Science? Just how do you even define what wisdom is (as opposed to knowledge). Yet some have attempted to quantify it. – Psyche

Elite private schools join charities for children and the disabled in donating to Gladys Berejiklian

Several charities and Sydney’s elite private schools have been donating thousands of dollars to the NSW Liberal party over the past three years in the form of buying tickets to expensive dinners to gain access to Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Callum Foote reports

A former NSW auditor-general has warned that the shredding of documents related to $250 million in council grants was likely to be unlawful and should end Gladys Berejiklian's leadership.

Tony Harris, who has also served as a senior Commonwealth public servant, said he was confident the Premier's office breached the State Records Act when it destroyed paper and digital records.

Tony Harris: Former NSW auditor-general says Berejiklian should resign

Maguire aside, the Premier's steadfast command has been shredded 

The Coonan Conundrum: PR role puts Crown chairwoman in a morass of conflicts

Crown chair Helen Coonan is chair of a PR firm whose clients have been involved in questionable financial transactions including money-laundering and stumping for shady sharemarket promoters and mortgage brokers fighting commission bans. Her PR role is in conflict with her position as chair of financial complaints ombudsman AFCA

Poor culture, rich pickings: Crown chair Helen Coonan too quick to slam banks for poor culture

How the death of Tommy Walker exposed a grave-robbing coroner — and a chilling trade in bodies

Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs, Which Is Somewhat Disturbing Popular Mechanics

Time to Reset Expectations for World Economy With Virus Untamed Bloomberg

Nearly 12 Million Square Feet of Vacant Office Space in S.F. SocketSite

Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet NYT

The importance of Taleb’s system: from the Fourth Quadrant to the Skin in the Game Branko Milanovic, globalinequality. From 2018, still germane

D. H. Lawrence, Arch-Heretic | Commonweal Magazine

“If Lawrence remains a great writer today,” Dyer opines,

that is due in no small part because his enduring freshness and force is found in the travel books, in poems that were scarcely even poems, and in the scatter of his essays. For Lawrence the novel, “the one bright book of life,” was the supreme test; that’s what he staked his life on. But many of his gifts were best displayed elsewhere.

 To quote the philosophy of Blondie, dreamin' is free. So while there's next to no chance of anyone actually being able to try the Black Madonna's virus cake (C8), unless you're residing in the Czech Republic, of course, we can still remember times past when it was a possibility. Peter Miniutti of Ashbury reminisces: "The great thing about Prague is not only that they sell virus cake, but it is the only place I’ve visited where beer is cheaper than water."

Czechia dreamin' is free, on any kind of day