Saturday, October 10, 2020



Updated CTM Chapter on Tax Related Conspiracies 

DOJ Tax has updated its Criminal Tax Manual (“CTM”) chapter 23.00 titled Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States (Revis...

  Why Male Baboons Benefit From Female Friends: These male monkeys lived longer if they socialized with females, with or without benefits.

What's behind Agatha Christie’s enduring appeal? Her ability to change with the times, for one thing  ... Agatha

Of Curtain Speeches, Raising Support And Being Human

“In all cases, as nonprofits, for Pete’s sake, just do something measurably impactful without resorting to counting the number of butts in seats, how many jobs you provided, and your economic impact on the community at large. If you do, people will get it and support you. If you don’t, you’ll lead the Irrelevance Day Parade.” – 501c3 Guru

The monstrosity at the heart of modern science. To get to the top requires “a degree of single-mindedness that is quite  inhuman 

The Iowa Writers’ Workshop exported a literature of individualism and domesticity, not of solidarity and big ideas. Creative writing is still recovering  recovering 

The Happiness Museum — visit it next time you’re in Copenhagen

“The argument formed part of a serious anti-sceptical strategy – a strategy that the bare argument, presented by itself, doesn’t really capture” — Jonathan Birch (LSE) on Moore’s hands

“The normatively stubborn person enforces a rule no matter how obviously wrong and counterproductive doing so is in the present circumstances” — we should acknowledge the role of judgment in administering law, and the importance of good judgment, says Steven Nadler (Wisconsin)

“Students generally feel their specific campuses are creating a positive environment for free speech” — yet “sixty percent of students have at one point felt they couldn’t express an opinion on campus because they feared how other students, professors or college administrators would respond”

Disagreement, democracy, and civic friendship — Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt) is interviewed on the Parlia podcast

Masks: for the greatest good — making the best of Bentham

Are we living in a historical inflection point — the exact moment at which the most consequential human decisions are being made? Probably not   ... infection  


How People’s Taste In Music Is Changing In The Pandemic

“While listeners gravitating to loud, aggressive, and fast-paced music during the pandemic was a common response to my inquiry, answers from people who instead went to ambient, jazz, and soothing instrumental music were just as popular.” – Vice