Saturday, October 31, 2020

Weather Photographer of the Year Winners Celebrate the Beauty of Nature

THAT’S NO MOON — IT’S A SPACE STATION: Rogue planet found floating through our galaxy, scientists say.

Milkman Author Anna Burns Wins Massive Literary Prize

Burns, who won the Booker Prize for Milkman in 2018, has won the International Dublin Literary Award. She’s the first Northern Irish writer to win the prize (and was the first to win the Booker as well). She thanked the Belfast Library and said, “There seemed to be a black market in library tickets when I was growing up. … I managed to go into the building with about three to five cards and come out with about nine to 15 books.” – BBC

Not science fiction: extracting memories from one being and injecting them into another — fascinating work on the biology of memory 

Ventilation and air filtration play a key role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 indoorsUSA Today. Note the importance of outside air. Also, leave the party early, before the “smoke” builds up.

Wall of Clouds

“Surf's Up” by Emma Rose Karsten. Runner-up, Young Weather Photographer of the Year.
“This photo was taken from the parking lot of my high school—Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis).

Weather Photographer of the Year Winners Celebrate the Beauty of Nature

Via Mary Whisner – news that Tom Lehrer Has Put His Songs into the Public Domain, Marketplace [if you are not familiar with his work, and have not been singing the lyrics to his songs like “Pollution” for many decades as have I, now is your chance to become a Lehrer enthusiast and an aficionado!)

Ryznar, Margaret, A Brief Guide to Online Teaching (August 22, 2020). Available at SSRN: or 

“This brief guide to online teaching offers assistance in selecting between the synchronous and asynchronous online format, before proceeding to a brief step-by-step guide on the design elements of both asynchronous and synchronous online courses. The focus remains on content delivery and student engagement, hallmark characteristics of online teaching.”

How to Stop Getting Into Pointless Arguments Online Wired 

Has technology made us worse hunters? Popular Science