Saturday, November 10, 2018

Reason for Being: Chocolate is older than we had thought

Almanac: Herman Melville on aspiration
And if it be said, that continual success is a proof that a man wisely knows his powers,—it is only to be added, that, in that case, he knows them to be small.”  Herman Melville, ... read more

AJBlog: About Last Night

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Tim Tamashiro:  Ikigai originates from Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate and home to one of the highest percentages of centurions in the world

Paul Davis On Crime: 'Blowing The Bloody Doors Off': Michael Caine On Five Decades Of being The Coolest Man in The Room

Oldest animal cave drawings may go back 52,000 years

A painting of an animal has been discovered in Borneo, dating back to 12,000 years before the earliest known examples in Europe.

How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life - Forbes

Recently, one such entrepreneur by the name Maria Turco, Chief Yogini of Honor Yoga and a client of BodeTree, introduced me to a concept that I’ve been unwittingly searching for my entire life.
The concept is called Ikigai, and it is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “reason for being.”

The Science of Well-Being | Coursera

An Underground Sensation Arrives Chronicle of Higher Education. Announcing publication of A Common Wind.

Melbourne or Sydney? This is how our two biggest cities compare for liveability

Liveability is an important concept with implications for health and well-being that go beyond promotional material or the prestige of being named number one.

 Chocolate is older than we had thought

Why are sales of fiction declining?

A Russian scientist working in Antarctica is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly stabbing a colleague for telling him the endings of books he wanted to read

The world’s Scrabble champion in French cannot speak French (NYT)

21st CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Woman who had sex with 20 ghosts is now engaged to a spirit

In London, A Beloved Independent Cinema Decides Not To Hand Over Control To A Commercial Theatre Group

The Phoenix Cinema has been run by a trust since 1912 (when it was the East Finchley Picturedrome), but the board was ready to sell to Curzon until protests by staff and patrons, including directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach and actor Michael Palin, convinced it that wasn't going to work. …[Read More]

Berlin’s Independent Artists Want The City’s Cultural Funding To Be Less Institutional

Ninety-five percent of the cultural budget goes towards funding big institutions—operas, theatres, and art collections—whereas the independent scene receives the remaining 5 percent for individual projects and grants. The forty to fifty thousand independent cultural workers in the city have recently demanded for this imbalance to be changed. Artists’ political engagement is often the catalyst for a strong and diverse urban democracy, and it is therefore important to understand why and how they get engaged in politics. … Read More

David Garrick, The Man Who Made Acting A Respectable Profession

He was skilled at charming his way into the circles of the great and good, and he built himself a riverside mansion for entertaining them. He was also admired for the high standards he expected of himself, his colleagues, and the operations of his theater. As Samuel Johnson once said of him, "Garrick has made a player a higher man. He lives rather as a prince than an actor." … Read More

The complete guide to cycling to work Quartz: “Cycling to work is often faster and cheaper than taking public transport, and, for the desk-bound among us, an opportunity for some fresh air and exercise at the start and end of the day. Cities around the world are making themselves more bike-friendly—but to benefit from that public investment, you need to get on your bike. Still, many of us remain daunted by the prospect of negotiating roads busy with motorists and pedestrians, avoiding potholes, and trying not to inhale fumes—not to mention the risk of not making it to the office in one piece. With a little planning and preparation, the commute on two wheels can be a safe alternative to the rush-hour subway (and a whole lot more fun, too). As Londoners and bike commuters, here’s our guide on how to do it right..”

Ride the City also has route-planning maps for a variety of cities across the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, and handful of other countries. Type in your start point and finish point, and it’ll offer you a safer and more pleasant route by bike…”

*Crisis of confidence: a black dog stalks the public service

Peter Shergold

Alarming new research has revealed the black dog stalking the public services of Australia as their unique professional obligations are afforded less respect than in the past.

What is a hung parliament and how would it affect the passage of legislation?

Anne Twomey

A minority government would not mean the government would fall - but it would make governing more difficult.

Joseph Stiglitz: 'America should be a warning to other countries'

Gareth Hutchens in The Guardian

In the lead-up to his Australian visit, the renowned economist warns of the triple threat of rising inequality, the undermining of democracy and climate change.