Sunday, November 25, 2018

100 Notable Books of 2018

"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men--the other 999 follow women."
~Groucho Marx

5 - Five - Catholic novels that I love”

Douglas Prasher works at a Toyota dealership in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2008, he should have won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. What happened? what?

Literature Has Often Inspired Movies. But Poetry?

“It’s not often that a poet gets to see their words on a movie theater screen. So much of being a poet is very isolating, sitting in your pajamas over a notebook for 14 hours on end, so it’s cool to get to do something with poetry that’s very collaborative.”

The Serious Writing Establishment Embraces TV

In a world in which some of our more successful or esteemed novelists — Margaret Atwood, Gillian Flynn, George R.R. Martin, Salman Rushdie, Kevin Kwan, Neil Gaiman, Tom Perrotta, Noah Hawley, A.M. Homes, Jonathan Ames, Megan Abbott and David Benioff, to name only a few — have written or are writing for the small screen, literary academia has less reason than ever to be sheepish about preparing its charges for the solaces of a healthy paycheck.

'Freedom from Opinion'

Those with fervently held opinions tend to be convinced of their importance, though some of us understand that opinions are as disposable as Kleenex. Please, don’t tell me your opinion. Tell me what you know, assuming you know anything and that it holds some interest. On Thanksgiving Day, a reader begging for a fight dismissed that day’s post as “a waste of time about a bad poet.” It’s a mistake to engage with people who have no interest in reasoning and exchanging thoughts. Every parent of young children knows this. It’s never about the content of such comments but the dense atmosphere of self-centeredness pushing on them from the inside. The pathologically opinionated are overflowing with what Charles Gullans in “Research” (Letter from Los Angeles, 1990) calls “terrors of trivia.” Angry tedium, like pressurized gas, must be released. Theodore Dalrymple is writing about the ridiculous, soft-headed resurgence of witchcraft (he calls it the “selfie of the soul”) but he speaks for many of us:

“Thanks to so-called social media, we have lost one of the most cherished freedoms of all, namely that of freedom from opinion.”

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Pompeii erotica: Sensual fresco discovered in ancient bedroom

How to share your writing with others


Writing is wonderful, sharing it with other folks is the hard part. If you’re chugging along through NaNoWriMo this month or just working on a novel draft, getting some insights and key tips from your writing group, peers, friends, or colleague is essential. But, that means you actually have to share your oh-so-precious writings with another human being. And if it’s your first time (or third) at the novel rodeo, it can be tough.

The art of the bromance How to share your writing with others, part two
Stephanie Valente

How to share your writing with others, part two

The best books of 2018

Tom Stoppard to Oleg Sentsov – TheTLS