Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Rock Star Thomas Piketty in Sydney Opera House Next Sunday 23 October 2016 AD

“The secret of happiness is liberty, and the secret of liberty is courage ...” 
What If All The Poor People Were Gone? 

At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution.”
–Thomas Piketty
The distribution of wealth is too important an issue to be left to economists,
sociologists, historians, and philosophers.”
– Thomas Piketty

Rockstar economist makes Australian debut

An economist makes the case for saving investigative journalism

Officially Thomas Piketty is a world leading thinker, bestselling author, professor at the prestigious École des Hautes  Etudesen Sciences Sociales and associate chair at the 
Paris School of Economics. Popularly, however, Piketty is a “rock star economist”– 
even,“the Beyoncé of celebrity economists”
Want a fairer Australia? Tax home owners, says 'rock star' economist

Penned 120 years ago, Henry Lawson’s poem ‘For’ard’ describes class distinctions on a steamship. The “for’ard” section houses the “second-classers”, who are “stowed away like sheep”, while in the aft section the gentry travel in “cushioned cabins”. Women in the forward section are fed separately from the men, “just as if they couldn’t trust ’em for to eat along with us!”, but the gentlemen and ladies “always dine together, aft”.  An Australian take on Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-first Century’

Sold Out!

Gianni La Cava has a very interesting article (based on a longer paper) on what accounts for the rising share of capital in the income accounts:
A key observation in Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Piketty 2014) is that the share of aggregate income accruing to capital in the US has been rising steadily in recent decades. The growing disparity between the income going to wage earners and capital owners has led to calls for government intervention. But for such interventions to be effective, it is important to ask who the capital owners are...

How about a “guaranteed jobs” program?

Across cultures, respect for bodily integrity shows less variation than respect for formal civil liberties.