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Cave: Behold, The Shakespearean Plot Twist At The Heart Of The Cooperman Insider Trading Case

"Everybody knows that the great russian poet Maiakovski commited suicide. What is not so well known is that his last words were: 'Komrads, don't shoot'..."

“Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.” Our paradoxical experience of time

"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it." 

The Mytilenean Dialogue From 428 B.C. Explains Who Really Won the Trump-Clinton Debate Foreign Policy

This deepest cave in the world is not  far from the spring of the Cold Morava River ...

The Hranice Chasm is shrouded in many legends related mainly to its beginnings, the origin of its German name Gevattersloch (Godfather’s Hollow), or the ascetics living nearby. Oftentimes, the beginnings of the chasm are associated with the inhabitants of the Svrčov Castle. One of the legends speaks of the white lady: Treasures hidden in ruins near Hranice can be retrieved on Good Friday. A certain woman forgot her child here, and it learned to walk and speak within a year. A white lady pro- vided it with food and toys. On the nearby Svrčov hill a certain man observed a swine breathing fire. It was holding a golden key in its mouth. He broke into a run when a voice behind him said: “You could have easily saved us but you would have to be brave enough to take the key in your hand.” The man turned and saw a white lady. She said: “Here, a cherry tree shall grow. When it is big, a
carpenter, who has not been born yet, shall make a cradle from its wood. And the first child to lie there will save us..." 1859 
The Hranice Abyss (CzechHranická propast) is the deepest abyss in the Czech Republic. It is located near the town of Hranice (Přerov District). The lowest confirmed depth (as of 27 September 2016) is 473 m (404 m under the water level), which makes it the deepest underwater cave in the world.[1]Moreover, the expected depth is 700–800 m.[2] The Hranice Abyss was created by a collapse of the cave roof, which was eaten away by warm carbonic acidulous spring water in limestone.[3]

This week a team of explorers say they've discovered that a cave in the eastern Czech Republic is the world's deepest flooded fissure ( karst ) , going at least 404 meters (1,325 feet) deep.Border aka Hranice Abyss in South Czech lands deepest underwater cave

“Life is both ever-various and surprising, and, at the same time, one long uninterrupted (and, admit it, sometimes awfully boring) conversation with ourselves.”

One must be skeptical of newly published books.  They are unknown quantities from a backward and provincial age. They must work hard to prove themselves, and seldom do.

The late D.G. Myers, who regularly reviewed current fiction, shared some good, seemingly contradictory advice: “Read no book before it is ten years old (in order not to be influenced by the buzz).” Here’s my corollary: If a book creates “buzz,” run away as fast as you can.

The author of the passage quoted at the top, Rachel Peterson, writes in “On Reading Old Books”: “But sometimes the most exhilarating departure from normal is to travel to another 
world. Old books are the ticket.” Of course, Peterson is reformulating something found in an old book, namely Hazlitt’s identically titled essay “On Reading Old Books”(1819). Hazlitt
states the matter definitively: “I have more confidence in the dead than the living.”

TV doctors say annual checkups save lives. Real doctors call bullshit. Vox

Huge Meteor? Alien Attack? Hundreds Report Bang, Flash in Sky Over Australia Sputnik News

Martin Shkreli – ‘American’s most hated man’ – auctioning off chance to hit him in the face Telegraph

"The first thing you should do when you get up is read the obituaries. You never know when you'll see a name that will just make your day."
hyacinth_macaw-links "Best new auto safety feature: a giant spike in the middle of the steering 
wheel — just watch how carefully people drive !"  

Coming soon to an old-timey theater near you!
Act I: Boy grows up idolizing his legendary hedge fund manager father—astrong family man—and follows in his footsteps to launch his own hedge fund.

Act II: Father learns from someone with whom he does business that that business—which has been in a spot of trouble—is going to do something about this. Father intimates that something to the son, who also does business with this person Behold, The Shakespearean Plot Twist At The Heart Of The Cooperman Insider Trading Case


Staging Death: A Brief History 

From Sophocles through Roman spectacles and the Théâtre du Grand-Guignol to Sarah Kane, a look at the means – decorous, horrifying, inventive – playwrights, directors and stage managers have used to depict characters’ ends

The contralto world though thinly populated now (beyond the  Polish  star  Ewa Podles, has a distinguished history, which Ms. Amereau first encountered through a recording of Tchaikovsky's “None but the Lonely Heart,” by the American Eula Beal, on YouTube. She later caught up with other stalwarts, like Ferrier and Anderson
--- A rarity in music a Contralto

"On New Year's Day, I made a resolution to live every day like it was my last. It worked well, until I realized that I was flat broke and the owner of 253 pre-paid funeral plans." Unsurprisingly, a Porsche Carrera GT Is Great for Doing Donuts...

When Margaret Atwood Rewrites Shakespeare
When Margaret Atwood Rewrites Shakespeare“Shakespeare refuses to be boxed in. Not only do we know very little about what he really thought, felt and believed, but the plays themselves are elusive. Just when you think you’ve got a meaning nailed down, your interpretation melts like jelly and you’re left scratching your head. Maybe he’s deep, very deep. Or maybe he didn’t have a continuity editor. And Shakespeare will never turn up on a talkshow and be asked to explain himself, the lucky devil.”  The Guardian (UK)

Read this  outstanding article by historian Tom Holland. Holland aka Dutch gradually came to realize, though his research, that modern ideas of cultural relativism are false. It’s not true that all societies are pretty much the same. The Christian West espouses (though often fails to practice) the highest level of morality we know of, superior in every way to civilizations of the past that scholars love to praise. The Greeks and the Romans, for instance, from whom Enlightenment thinkers thought they derived their ideas, knew nothing of human equality and never contemplated ending slavery. It’s only the Christian West that has even striven for these things.