Monday, October 24, 2016

Solicitor-General resigns

Watch the faces of those who bow low.  Who digs a pit for someone else, he alone fall into it ...

My spies inform me that democracy is safe as Elph, Elia and Nola are solving the taxing political matters of concerns ...

If governments want frank advice to avoid the mistakes of projects like the NBN and the pink batts scheme, then ministers need to promote, not denigrate, public servants who speak their mind. Tom Burton: truth to power a victim of political turmoil

Justin Gleeson resigns, tosses final grenade at Brandis ...

Something had to give, and it was never going to be an attorney-general famous for his inestimable assessment of his own talent. This was a substantially self-made crisis. Noisy. Distracting. Ultimately pointless. George Brandis v Justin Gleeson: anything but a fair fight in a self-made crisis

The ongoing stoush between George Brandis and Justin Gleeson has reached boiling point, with the Solicitor-General tendering his resignation Justin Gleeson resigns, tosses final grenade at Brandis

Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has resigned from office, claiming his relationship with Attorney-General George Brandis is "irretrievably broken"

Key points:

  • Spat with Brandis sparked by Gleeson's claim he was not consulted on laws
  • Gleeson rejects "each and every attack and insinuation" made by government ministers
  • Brandis says Gleeson's resignation is the "proper course of action"

Mr Gleeson tendered his resignation on Monday after a high-profile spat with the Attorney-General that played out before a senate inquiry earlier this month.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Mr Gleeson was an "honourable man" who had been pushed out of office by the Government.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Mr Gleeson was an honourable man who was pushed out of office by a dishonourable government.

Solicitor-General resigns – with a parting broadside at Brandis

"It's imperative that we have somebody of absolute integrity, it's imperative that we have somebody who is not afraid to give advice which will be potentially distasteful to the government of the day," he said.
"We had that person in Justin Gleeson.

"Regardless of what has happened, Justin Gleeson is a person of absolute integrity."
Now Former Solicitors generals weigh in on Brandis v Gleeson row

QA Arthur Sinodinos refuses to rule out Tony Abbott becoming PM

PS: NSW Bear Pit 

It's been a fortnight now since NSW Premier Mike Baird reversed his decision to close down the state's greyhound racing industry. As if Dapto Centrelink wasn't stretched enough as it is …

While 2GB callers Alan Jones and Ray Hadley and Daily Telegraph editor Chris Dore congratulate themselves (but not each other – never!) for their profligate clout, the government's wiser heads are marvelling not at any existential public backlash but at the breathtaking infirmity and cowardice of their own parliamentary colleagues – even ministers – who unanimously supported the ban, twice, at the cabinet table. And, of course, at those who used the lightning rod issue, and their relationships with its AM antagonists, to manoeuvre for their own advancement. Mike Baird nearly quit over greyhounds, so how long will he stay?

While the public service has been radically reshaped, less effort has gone into reforming the bad habits of ministers and staffers. Professor Anne Tiernan urges change if Australia wants to avoid the chaos seen in the US and Europe.
Ministerial offices are the ‘missing link’ of public sector reform