Thursday, October 20, 2016

Global Corrruption: A Bit of History and a bit of Dylan: Kezmarok and Mater Pavol

We have a knack of bringing leaders together both under kommunism as well as kapitalism ;-)

Bringing light to the grey economy The Economist

Russia Is Preparing For War Ian Welsh

EAT your way to a YOUNGER BRAIN: 4 amazing rules from leading aging expert say to drink more coffee and have another glass of red wine

You could EAT your way to younger skin and THIS is the diet to follow, according to expert

The taxpayer is facing a multimillion-pound legal bill after a supreme court judge found against HM Revenue and Customs in a four-year battle

UK's failure to rein in tax havens hinders global corruption battle, say MPs

UK House of Commons International Development Committee Report: Tackling corruption overseas

Taxpayers should accept foreign aid money will be lost because of corruption, MPs say 

HSBC winds down private banking operation in Monaco  

The SA Premier issued a challenge to the public sector: can it lead by example in the new sharing economy? Can the government's car fleet be used to help the disadvantaged? Its schools, halls and sporting facilities?
 ‘Like AirBnB, but for government’: can the public sector share?  

The ex-PM&C boss breaks ranks with his former colleagues to argue more transparency will help the public service. He will today outline five principles for adapting public administration to a new age  Boost reform case with stronger FoI, transparency: Terry Moran 

The world’s highly skilled immigrants are increasingly living in just four nations: the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, according to new World Bank researchhighlighting the challenges of brain drain for non-English-speaking and developing countries.
I don’t think we have thought through well enough the final equilibrium here.  English will be the global language for a long, long time to come, and China will remain robust as a major source of indigenous talent.  A lot of Chinese could leave and there would still be a lot of smart Chinese around in China.  I do fear, however, for the politics in this semi-cosmopolitan but not cosmopolitan enough Anglo-American world in the making…

The dominant of the town Kežmarok is the (Castle of Kezmarok in English) Castle  Kežmarský hrad that has entered the history of tourism in the High Tatras as the salient point of the first known tourist trip to this mountain range.
The urban compound of the castle originated in 1463. It was built with the aim to defend the town on the site of the medieval community of Svätá Alžbeta (St. Elisabeth). Built originally by Imrich and Ján Zápoľský in the Gothic style, much stress was laid on the defensive nature of the castle building including thick walls and massive bastions. The castle gained its contemporary Renaissance form after extensive rebuilding which proceeded  in various stages in the years 1572, 1575, 1583, and 1624. The last phase was completed by Šebastián Thököly, Master Pavol

Kezmarok Historical images

Imricha Thököl

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