Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pattern like Picture tells a million stories: Gary Compton

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
~ Ralph Hattersley

As always, Malchkeon won the first prize at the coporate Botany Bay dinner tonight. Karma had naturally something to do with this luck  😇

Sitting at the dinner table was a Alexandria based photographer Gary who has a Folkloric PHD in the art of corporate observation. According to Gary, photography is the story we fail to put into words...

Tim Dwyer of S(h)irLaw Group shared with the group insightful patterns and graphs that also told many stories what makes business growth tick ...

Tim is an international partner at ShirlawsGroup, a portfolio of companies who advise private and public sector how to grow, fund and exit ...

Tim used various analogies to get the point across it started with Google Culture and Map and ended with Black Holes"The $80,000 black hole is about your first employee," he says. "The $750,000 about your first manager; the $17 million black hole is about letting the operations of a business be managed by someone else; the $170 million black hole about corporatising the structure."

Confidence matters — but how do you find it ...?

"I recently shot the latest Ted X Sydney event, TED X Sydney Salon, which was held at International Tower 2, of the new Barangaroo development, on Level 41. the theme of the talks was around the topic of sustainability and the first speaker was Dr Kirsti Abott, who is an expert that studies ants."
Gary Compton: Creative Alchemist 


"One of the ironies, I think, of the Internet has been the degree to which it's bringing us unprecedented knowledge, but everything on the Internet looks like it might be true. And so in this political season, we’ve seen just — you just say stuff. And so everything suddenly becomes contested. That I do not think is good for our democracy." — President Barack Obama at the White House Frontiers Conference

These front pages capture what it was like to watch the final debate