Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Implication of Cyber Realities

'Espionage is alive and well' shame as stasi and other mentalities are still part of human nature ... Hard to eliminate Stalins or Hitlers 

Anonymous declares 'war' on ISIS ... The government claims terrorists could be capable of launching a cyber attack on Australia "to destructive effect" within three years even though the threat of their capability is currently ranked as "low". The advice is contained in a new report entitled ACSC Threat Report 2016 (pdf)  by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to be released on Wednesday. Terrorists could launch a cyber attack within three years report warns (SMH)

IT News:ASD reveals how the bureau of meteorology was hacked

ABC: Bureau of meteorology bom cyber hacked by foreign spies

Watch your language, Australia’s never had an official ‘cyber attack’  via

The Australian Cyber Security Centre  The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) brings cyber security capabilities from across the Australian Government together into a single location. It is the hub for private and public sector collaboration and information sharing to combat cyber security threats (All their reports are at this link:) - publications

On a more creative note consider reading few reviews of that American Honey reeling film first released this year in Germany of all places ... Familyless, Gabbie and Sasha might identify with this futuristic family soulful story:
Star, a free-spirited teenager on the brink of adulthood, leaves her troubled home in the American Midwest and hits the road with a mag crew -- itinerant laborers who peddle publications door-to-door for long hours during the day and party hard at night, never certain where the job will lead next. Led by hard-driving manager Krystal and her seductive enforcer Jake, the crew becomes a surrogate family to Star, offering hope, love and the freedom that comes from being on the road 🙏🏼

This sprawling, 2 hour, 42 minute movie likely will be seen as one of the important creations of the decade.  Variety described itas “femme-driven corrective to…”Spring Breakers””, and “Part dreamy millennial picaresque, part distorted tapestry of Americana and part exquisitely illustrated iTunes musical,” the phrase “Midwestern America Walpurgis Night” came to my mind.  “…Almost ridiculously full of life…” was another account.  Most of all, it is a story of how a post-Christian America can go awry, told through the classic medium of a road trip.  Instead of the blood and flesh of Christ at Holy Communion, here the serving is toxic mezcal and eating the worm inside the bottle, for cash of course.  The other parallels I do not wish to give away.
In terms of cinematography and especially soundtrack, it’s as strong as any movie in recent times.  Scene after scene felt special and memorable, and only about ten minutes or so dragged.  I kept on thinking it couldn’t keep up its pace of quality, but it did and in fact kept surpassing itself.  Sasha Lanedeserves the Best Actress Oscar, and in her film debut at that.  I just ordered everything I can by British director Andrea Arnold.
Recommended (re)reading for a viewing includes Genesis, most of all the story of Jacob, his family, and his wrestle with the angel.  But don’t expect the reviews to mention any of that — Ross Douthat, telephone!
Remember people, the influential thinkers of the next generation will be the religious ones…whether you like it or not Amerikan honey ...