Monday, October 10, 2016

EU Economy a Warning for AUSTRALIA

At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution.
–Thomas Piketty

The distribution of wealth is too important an issue to be left to economists, 
sociologists, historians, and philosophers.” 

He says he carries a gun because "people don't like him."
Email alone is not always the most efficient method to communicate, and it does not always provide the most accurate answer. Sometimes you need to teleconference ...

Gun 2nd amendmentI wouldn’t use it. I didn’t pull it out. I didn’t threaten anybody. I didn’t brandish it. That’s ridiculous. … I would protect myself, but I certainly didn’t threaten anybody.
— Attorney James Pengilly, defending himself during a telephone conference with Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez against earlier accusations made by attorney Dale Hayes Jr. Pengilly, who acknowledges that he carries a weapon on him, is accused of pulling out a gun during a contentious deposition. When asked about the allegations, Penguilly told the following to a reporter from the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “I have it every day, all day. I always carry a gun because I’m an attorney and people don’t like me.”

Can you have too much of a good thing?
The developed world, including ourselves, certainly appears to believe so.
Britain's vote to exit Europe, the rise of Donald Trump and the support of nationalist movements across Europe all point to an upwelling of discontent among a swathe of the population.
Here at home, the unease has manifest itself in a deeply divided Parliament that extends to open conflict not just between but within opposing parties. And, as the events of the past week have shown, much of that springs from a deep distrust of those controlling the economy; bankers, financiers and multi-national corporations Distrust in government banking industry needs urgent attention

Officially Thomas Piketty is a world leading thinker, bestselling author, professor at the prestigious
École des Hautes  Etudesen Sciences Sociales and associate chair at the Paris School of Economics. 
Popularly, however,Pikettyis a “rock star economist”– even,“the Beyoncé of celebrity economists”

Penned 120 years ago, Henry Lawson’s poem ‘For’ard’ describes class distinctions on a steamship. The “for’ard” section houses the “second-classers”, who are “stowed away like sheep”, while in the aft section the gentry travel in “cushioned cabins”. Women in the forward section are fed separately from the men, “just as if they couldn’t trust ’em for to eat along with us!”, but the gentlemen and ladies “always dine together, aft”.  An Australian take on Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-first Century’

What were we thinking? We had a boom and we did nothing with it Learning from the undedogs

Revealed: The Scots firm at the heart of $1bn theft The Herald

The problems of Greece are much closer than you think. They might seem remote but this panic has a great deal to teach every Australian. I am not talking about economic repercussions or the world of high finance. It is about freedom and how we manage this God-given right. It is about the psyche of a tiny nation (an Australia or a Greece) that is being told what to do by others. It is about making ordinary people suffer for the mistakes of their politicians. It is about developing a cargo-cult mentality and thinking that the good times will never end. It is about losing trust in essential services like banks.
Why Greece's economic tragedy is a warning for Australia 

Being a tax dodger doesn’t mean you’re smart Newsweek

Australians woke up to dire warnings this week about their economic future. We need tough reforms and spending cuts, we’re told, lest Australia head down the path of Greece and end up as an economic basket case. On the ABC’s AM program on Monday, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Kate Carnell called for the abolition of Family Tax Benefit Part B, means testing of the Child Care Rebate and switching pension payments for loans against the family home. Australia is not Greece, but its economy is obese and unfit

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Swiss tax authorities say 450 Swiss linked to Panama Papers swissinfo

Data Shows Australia’s Economy is Worse Than Greece

Since ancient Greece, the Olympics and bribery have gone hand in hand