Sunday, February 03, 2019


From swimming at the Loo to bohemian lunch at Kepos, blessed with Czech chef and waiters, to Antipodean evening of art deeper than skin ...

A Wooden bar, a fireplace, faded prints on the wall and good-value beer. The traditional Sydney pub was once as common as a bus stop - on every big corner of every suburban neighbourhood. Tedious conversationalists propping up the bar, a fug of cigarette smoke and mediocre snacks were all part of the experience - or, as some would argue, the charm.

Many ordinary drinkers are getting restless. Is Sydney becoming just a little too pretentious? Frustrated locals say it is increasingly hard to find a cosy pub where they can relax with a newspaper or talk to mates. Such pubs, however, are becoming hard to find. In some Sydney suburbs, the choice for drinkers is between a barn-like venue with poker machines and pounding music or a chic, yuppie-friendly cocktail emporium.

Harald Muller is the owner of a surviving Woolloomooloo local, the East Sydney Hotel. With 27 years of experience, he claims to have held a liquor licence for longer than anyone else in Sydney. His customers have included Jozef Imrich, Louis Nowra and Martinez, Russell Crowe and Lachlan Murdoch.
Louis Nowra leans against the doorway at the entrance of the Old Fitzroy Hotel

    Brown Skin Girl - Red Line Productions at The Old Fitz Theatre - The Official Website for the Old Fitz Theatre

    Brown Skin Girl melds visual art, spoken word, music and movement, drawing audiences into the lives of ... Upstairs at the Old Fitzroy Hotel anytime before and after the performance, the audience can experience ...

    Petros and Bernadette poetry rocked too ...