Thursday, February 21, 2019

It’s time to tell the whole story: Fair Tax, Twitters tweeting and codes

The New York Times Magazine – The Secret History of Women in Coding – Computer programming once had much better gender balance than it does today. What went wrong? by Clive Thompson (adapted from “Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World,” available March 26, 2019): “When digital computers finally became a practical reality in the 1940s, women were … pioneers in writing software for the machines. At the time, men in the computing industry regarded writing code as a secondary, less interesting task

The House Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue today tabled its performance review of the ATO’s Annual Report 2016–2017.
The Committee’s review continues in the tradition of past assessments, which since 2015 have monitored the progress of the ATO’s ‘Reinvention’ of its services model in support of voluntary compliance. According to the ATO’s 2017 annual report, the Reinvention Program has delivered against this goal over the tax year. Tax lodgements were up again strongly –a positive outcome for the ATO.

Tax Tax avoidance crackdown nets $7.7b from foreign multinationals


The ATO has netted $7.7 billion in unpaid liabilities from foreign-owned multinationals and large public companies, the results of its wide-reaching tax avoidance taskforc

EVERYTHING WAS GREAT EXCEPT THE ECONOMICS: Private cabins, flying bars, and hundreds of seats—farewell, Airbus A380

ATO fails to police illegal foreign property sale

CYBERSECURITY: 700 Million Stolen Accounts Go Up for Sale on the Dark Web. “Was a website that has your data compromised?“

THE GERMAN MILITARY HAS BECOME A SAD JOKE: “Fighter jets and helicopters that don’t fly. Ships and submarines that can’t sail. Severe shortages of everything from ammunition to underwear

Britain warned it could be cut out of future Five Eyes intelligence over Huawei

Worries about the UK's exposure to Huawei may make the Five Eyes partners, and perhaps France, Germany or Japan, less inclined to cooperate

New report: Are European corporate registries equipped to tackle tax evasion and financial crime?

Fair Tax Mark logo

Fair Tax Week in the UK

Zachary Liscow (Yale), Is Efficiency Biased?, 85 U. Chi. L. Rev. 1649 (2018) (reviewed by David Gamage (Indiana) and Theodore Seto (Loyola-L.A.):

Efficiency is a watchword in policy circles. If we choose policies that maximize people’s willingness to pay, we are told, we will grow the economic pie and thus benefit the rich and poor alike. Who would oppose efficiency when it is cast in this fashion?

However, there are actually two starkly different types of efficient policies: those that systematically distribute equally to the rich and the poor and those that systematically distribute more to the rich.

MORE, MORE, MORE: Ocasio-Cortez to Bill Gates: ‘I’m All Ears’ for Better Ideas to Tax Rich. “In a recent interview, Gates said her tax plan is too ‘extreme’.”

My Health Record opt-out doubles to 2.5 million people

The number of Australians who opted out of the My Health Record system doubled after the deadline was extended by three months, hitting 2.5 million people on January 31.

If you cannot beat them join them - High Court of Australia starts tweeting on Twitter in - English Language

High Court of Ausralia on Twitter

“My Only Goal Has Been to Protect Jeff and Lauren”: Michael Sanchez, Suspected Bezos Leaker, Supplies His Own Theory About the Affair, the Enquirer, Some Below-the-Belt Selfies, and “a Legendary Romance” Vanity Fair

*Is it OK to like the work of bad people?

"In principle, but not in every case, yes, it is possible to separate the art from the artist," says executive director of the Ethics Centre, Dr Simon Longstaff. "Almost all art takes on a life that is independent of its creator."A new report sheds light on the psychological basis for Trump's support 

The Daily Mail by Brett Lackey For Daily Mail Australia

Tuesday 19th February 2019 at 4.56pm

Foreign investment in Australian residential real estate plunged by 83 per cent in less than

two years to the 2017/2018 financial year.

Using occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we analyzed and put together a review of the average salary of accountants and tax preparers in each U.S. state for 2019. Check out the full breakdown below of where accountants and tax preparers take home the least money, and where they earn the most. ...

Here’s a breakdown of the top-10 states in which accountants and tax preparers earn the most, based on the BLS’s mean annual wage data: