Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Oracles of Cyber

Seven Out of Every Ten Open Vulnerabilities Belong to Just Three Vendors - Computer Business Review: “Seven out of every ten open vulnerabilities observed by customers belongs to just three vendors, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe. These are the findings of cyber security enterprise Kenna Security in their new report Prioritization to Prediction, which explores how enterprises are dealing with open vulnerabilities. In their report Kenna found that Oracle accounts for 34 percent of the open vulnerabilities that customers have observed, while Microsoft and Adobe both stand at 17 percent. Kenna is quick to point out that the fact these companies are in the top three is not surprising given their extensive foothold within the market. They also found that 40 percent of vulnerabilities discovered in enterprise networks are still, as of today, not patched. While over 75 percent of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) are left open a year after they have been published. While this can often be explained by the minor nature of some of these flaws, Kenna note that many CVE’s have not been given a risk score.

Corruption Perceptions Index: Australia failing to improve
INTEGRITY: A lack of progress on corruption demonstrates the need for a federal anti-corruption commission, international watchdog argues.

Competition policy: getting independence just right
PODCAST: For competition policy agencies, managing your relationship with the government of the day is a lot like finding your spot in space.

Too big to fail. The risks to Australian taxpayers from New Zealand banks
BANKING: A mismatch between Australian and New Zealand regulations means Australian taxpayers could be on the hook if a New Zealand bank fails.

Public Sector Strategic Communication and Engagement
PARTNER EVENT: Hear case studies from leading government departments and agencies. Learn valuable skills to implement data-driven strategies for greater impact in your communication strategy.

Register for ANZSOG’s Towards Strategic Leadership program
Places are filling fast for this unique two-week program that helps emerging public service leaders develop the qualities needed to thrive in a senior executive role. Register today. (Partner link)

Experts agree: a pan-Australia approach to safety the best way forward
At a recent Canberra seminar, policymakers heard a panel of experts agree such a platform approach would be the foundation for a suite of services expected to have a profound impact on how we live. (Partner article)

Why do some people believe the earth is flat?

Anders Furze

Although science says the earth is round, there are some people around who still think it's flat. Two University of Melbourne experts look at why.