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Queen: Bohemian Thought, Rhapsodian Words, Rocking Deeds

My soul has painted like the wings of butterflies, Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends...
 ~Farrokh Bulsara Do Not Stop Moi Now!

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie vs the True Story of Freddie Mercury & Queen - History vs. Hollywood

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How Queen Stole the Show at Live Aid - Ultimate Classic Rock

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band.
Guaranteed to blow your mind: the real Freddie Mercury | Music | The Guardian

The True Story Behind Freddie Mercury and Queen Biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' | Inside Edition
It would be so boring to be 70. I’ve lived a full life and if I’m dead tomorrow, I don’t give a damn.”
These words from Freddie Mercury – born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar, 1946, dying aged 45 in 1991 – sum his life up pretty damn well. A shy man who became one of the world’s most electric frontmen as soon as he went on stage, Mercury contained multitudes. No wonder Rami Malek just won a Golden Globe for his performance as the singer: it's hard not to give a compelling performance when you're playing a fascinating person.

We can stipulate a few things about “Bohemian Rhapsody.” We can stipulate that it’s not a great movie. We can stipulate that, in many ways, it’s not even a very good movie. As a trite, often laughably cliched biopic of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, an enterprise that should have been as daring and flamboyantly theatrical as its subject winds up being bowdlerized, Wiki-fied, distortingly compressed and unforgivably conventional.
And yet.
We can also stipulate that, despite the myriad shortcomings of its parts, the sum of “Bohemian Rhapsody” winds up being giddily entertaining, first as an exercise in so-bad-it’s-funny kitsch, and ultimately as something far more meaningful and thrilling. Every now and then, a film comes along that defies the demands of taste, formal sophistication, even artistic honesty to succeed simply on the level of pure, inexplicable pleasure. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is just that cinematic unicorn: the bad movie that works, even when it shouldn’t.
Bohemian Rhapsody is a 2018 biographical film about the British rock band Queen. ... by 20th Century Fox, New Regency, GK Films, and Queen Films, with Fox serving as distributor

QUEEN FOREVER recreate the music and performance of Queen – the British rock band 

  • I had a dream
    When I was young
    A dream of sweet illusion
    A glimpse of hope and unity
    And visions of one sweet union
    But a cold wind blows
    And a dark rain falls
    And in my heart it shows
    Look what they've done to my dream, yeah.
  • One dream, one soul, one prize
    One goal, one golden glance of what should be
    It's a kind of magic
    One shaft of light that shows the way
    No mortal man can win this day
    It's a kind of magic
    The bell that rings inside your mind
    Is challenging the doors of time
    It's a kind of magic
    The waiting seems eternity
    The day will dawn of sanity.
  • Just one year of love
    Is better than a lifetime alone
    One sentimental moment in your arms
    Is like a shooting star right through my heart
    It's always a rainy day without you
    I'm a prisoner of love inside you
    I'm falling apart all around you - yeah
  • When your plans go wrong - you turn out the light
    But inside of your mind you put up a fight
    Where are the answers that we're all searching for?
    There's nothing in this world to be sure of anymore
    Some days you're feeling good, some days you're feeling bad
    But if you're feeling happy someone else is always sad
    Let the sweetness of love wipe the tears from your face
    For better for worse, so let's make the best of the rest of our years.
  • It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust
    Friends will be friends
    When you're in need of love they give you care and attention
    Friends will be friends
    When you're through with life and all hope is lost
    Hold out your hand 'cos friends will be friends - right till the end.
  • Here we are, born to be kings
    We're the princes of the universe
    Here we belong, fighting to survive
    In a world with the darkest powers, heh
    And here we are, we're the princes of the universe
    Here we belong, fighting for survival
    We've come to be the rulers of you all.

The Miracle (1989)Edit

  • Every drop of rain that falls the Sahara Desert says it all
    It's a miracle.
    All God's creations great and small, the Golden Gate and the Taj Mahal
    That's a miracle.
    Test tube babies being born, mothers, fathers dead and gone
    It's a miracle
    We're having a miracle on Earth, mother nature does it all for us.
    The wonders of this world go on
    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Captain Cook and Cain and Abel
    Jimi Hendrix and The Tower of Babel
    It's a miracle
    It's a miracle
    It's a miracle
    The one thing we're all waiting for
    Is peace on earth and an end to war
    It's a miracle we need
    The miracle
    • The Miracle, written by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon
  • Breakthru, these barriers of pain
    Breakthru, yeah, to the sunshine from the rain
    Make my feelings known towards you
    Turn my heart inside and out for you now
    Somehow I have to make this final breakthru.
    • Breakthru, written by Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury
  • Scandal - now you've left me all the world's gonna know
    Hey scandal, they're gonna turn our lives into a freak show
    They'll see the heart-ache, they'll see our love break
    They'll hear me pleading, we'll say for God's sakes
    Over and over and over again.

Innuendo (1991)Edit

  • While we live according to race, colour or creed
    While we rule by blind madness and pure greed
    Our lives dictated by tradition, superstition, false religion
    Through the eons and on and on.
    Oh, yes, we'll keep on trying, yeah
    We'll tread that fine line
    Oh oh we'll keep on trying
    Till the end of time.
    • Innuendo, written by Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury
  • When the outside temperature rises
    And the meaning is oh so clear
    One thousand and one yellow daffodils
    Begin to dance in front of you - oh dear
    Are they trying to tell you something?
    You're missing that one final screw
    You're simply not in the pink my dear
    To be honest you haven't got a clue
    I'm going slightly mad.
  • And you're rushing headlong you've got a new goal
    And you're rushing headlong out of control
    And you think you're so strong
    But there ain't no stopping no there's nothin'
    You can do about it.
  • I can't live with you
    But I can't live without you
    I can't let you stay
    Oh but I can't live if you go away
    I don't know just how it goes
    All I know is I can't live with you
    Yeah, I'm having a hard time
    I'm walking a fine line
    Between hope and despair
    You may think that I don't care
    But I travelled a long road to
    Get a hold of my sorrow
    I tried to catch a dream
    But nothing's what it seems
    Love is saying baby it's all right
    When deep inside you're really petrified.
  • Sometimes I get to feelin'
    I was back in the old days - long ago
    When we were kids, when we were young
    Things seemed so perfect - you know?
    The days were endless, we were crazy - we were young
    The sun was always shinin' - we just lived for fun
    Sometimes it seems like lately - I just don't know
    The rest of my life's been - just a show.
  • Those were the days of our lives.
    Bad things in life were so few.
    Those days are all gone now, but one thing's still true.
    When I look, and I find, I still love you.
    • These Are the Days of Our Lives
  • Empty spaces - what are we living for
    Abandoned places - I guess we know the score
    On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for...
    Another hero, another mindless crime
    Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
    Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore
    The show must go on
    The show must go on, yeah
    Inside my heart is breaking
    My make-up may be flaking
    But my smile still stays on.

Made in Heaven (1995)Edit

  • I'm taking my ride with destiny
    Willing to play my part
    Living with painful memories
    Loving with all my heart.
  • Why don't you take another little piece of my heart
    Why don't you take it and break it
    And tear it all apart?
    All I do is give
    And all you do is take
    Baby why don't you give me
    A brand new start?
    • Let Me Live, written by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon
  • I was born to love you
    With every single beat of my heart
    Yes, I was born to take care of you
    Every single day of my life.
  • In these days of cool reflection (reflection)
    You come to me and everything seems alright
    In these days of cold affections
    You sit by me - and everything's fine.
    This could be heaven for everyone
    This world could be fed, this world could be fun
    This could be heaven for everyone
    This world could be free, this world could be one.
  • Too much love will kill you
    If you can't make up your mind
    Torn between the lover
    And the love you leave behind
    You're headed for disaster
    'Cos you never read the signs
    Too much love will kill you - every time.


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Queen (1973)Edit

  • I was told a million times
    Of all the troubles in my way
    Tried to grow a little wiser
    Little better ev'ry day
    But if I crossed a million rivers
    And I rode a million miles

    Then I'd still be where I started
    Bread and butter for a smile.
  • Liar oh ev'rybody deceives me.
    Liar why don't you leave me alone?
    Liar I have sailed the seas
    Liar from Mars to Mercury.
    Liar I have drunk the wine.
    Liar time after time.
    Liar you're lying to me.
    Liar you're lying to me.
    Father please forgive me.
    You know you'll never leave me.

Queen II (1974) Edit

  • There's no living in my life anymore
    The seas have gone dry and the rain stopped falling
    Please don't you cry anymore
    Can't you see?
    Listen to the breeze, whisper to me please
    Don't send me to the path of nevermore.
  • Fear me you lords and lady preachers
    I descend upon your Earth from the skies
    I command your very souls you unbelievers
    Bring before me what is mine
    The seven seas of Rhye.
    Can you hear me you peers and privy counsellors?
    I stand before you naked to the eyes
    I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
    I swear that you'll be mine
    The seven seas of Rhye.

Sheer Heart Attack (1974)Edit

  • She's a Killer Queen
    Gunpowder, gelatine
    Dynamite with a laserbeam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind
    Ooh, recommended at the price
    Insatiable an appetite.
    Wanna try?
  • Drop of a hat she's as willing as
    Playful as a pussy cat
    Then momentarily out of action
    Temporarily out of gas
    To absolutely drive you wild, wild..
    She's all out to get you.
    • Killer Queen
  • Dislocate your spine if you don't sign he says
    I'll have you seeing double (double)
    Mesmerise you when he's tongue-tied
    Simply with those eyes, ooh ooh ooh
    Synchronise your minds and see
    The beast within him rise.
  • Yeah, ooh, a thin moon me in a smoke-screen sky
    Where the beams of your lovelight chase
    Don't move, don't speak, don't feel no pain
    With the rain running down my face.

A Night at the Opera (1975)Edit

  • Aah
    You suck my blood like a leech
    You break the law and you preach
    Screw my brain till it hurts
    You've taken all my money - and you want more.
  • Ooh, you make me live
    Whatever this world can give to me
    It's you, you're all I see.
    Ooh, you make me live now honey
    Ooh, you make me live.
    Oh, you're the best friend
    That I ever had.
    I've been with you such a long time;
    You're my sunshine.
    And I want you to know
    That my feelings are true
    I really love you.
    (Ooh) Oh, you're my best friend.
  • Love of my life - you've hurt me
    You've broken my heart and now you leave me
    Love of my life can't you see
    Bring it back, bring it back
    Don't take it away from me, because you don't know
    What it means to me.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.

I've paid my dues
Time after time
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime.
  • Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality.

    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see
    I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
    Because I'm easy come, easy go
    A little high, little low
    Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me.
  • Mama
    Just killed a man
    Put a gun against his head
    Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
    Life had just begun
    But now I've gone and thrown it all away
    Mama, Ooh
    Didn't mean to make you cry
    If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
    Carry on, carry on
    As if nothing really matters.
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Too late
    My time has come,
    Sends shivers down my spine,
    Body's aching all the time.
    Goodbye, ev'rybody, I've got to go,
    Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.
    Mama, ooh (anyway the wind blows)
    I don't wanna die
    I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • I see a little silhouetto of a man.
    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
    Thunderbolts and lightning
    Very very frightening me!
    Galileo, Galileo,
    Galileo, Galileo,
    Galileo Figaro
    I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
    He's just a poor boy, from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrosity!
    Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
    Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
    Let him Go! Bismillah! We will not let you go!
    Let him Go! Bismillah! We will not let you go!
    Let me go! Will not let you go!
    Let me go! Will not let you go!
    Oh, let me gooooo!
    No, no, no, no,no, no, no!
    Oh mama mia, mama mia!
    Mama mia let me go
    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me!
    For me!
    For meeeee!
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
    So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
    Oh baby! - Can't do this to me baby!
    Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here!
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Nothing really matters
    Anyone can see
    Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me. Any way the wind blows.
    • Bohemian Rhapsody

A Day at the Races (1976)Edit

  • Your Mamma says you don't
    Your Daddy says you won't
    And I'm boilin' up inside
    Ain't no way I'm gonna lose out this time - oh no.
  • Tie your mother down, tie your mother down
    Take your little brother swimming with a brick, that's all right
    Tie your mother down, tie your mother down
    Or you ain't no friend of mine!
    • Tie Your Mother Down
  • You might believe in Heaven
    I would not care to say
    For every star in Heaven
    There's a sad soul here today
    Wake up in the morning with a good face
    Stare at the moon all day
    Lonely as a whisper on a star chase
    Does anyone care anyway?
    For all the prayers in Heaven
    So much of life's this way.
  • Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little;
    Can barely stand on my feet.
    (Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (and cry)
    Lord what you're doing to me? (yeah yeah)
    I have spent all my years in believing you.
    But I just can't get no relief, Lord!
    Somebody (somebody) ooh somebody (somebody)
    Can anybody find me somebody to love?
  • Got no feel, I got no rhythm
    I just keep losing my beat (You just keep losing and losing)
    I'm OK, I'm alright (he's alright - he's alright)
    I ain't gonna face no defeat (yeah yeah)
    I just gotta get out of this prison cell
    One day (someday) I'm gonna be free, Lord!
    Find me somebody to love.
    • Somebody to Love
  • I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
    We can do the tango just for two
    I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
    Be your Valentino just for you.
    Ooh love - ooh loverboy
    What're you doin' tonight, hey boy?
    Set my alarm, turn on my charm
    That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy.

News of the World (1977)Edit

  • Buddy you're a boy. make a big noise
    Playin' in the street. gonna be a big man some day.
    You got mud on yo' face
    You big disgrace,
    Kickin' your can all over the place.
    We will, we will rock you!
    We will, we will rock you!
  • Buddy you're a young man, hard man
    Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day.
    You got blood on your face,
    You big disgrace,
    Waving your banner all over the place.
    We will, we will rock you!
    We will, we will rock you!
    • We Will Rock You
  • Buddy you're an old man, poor man
    Pleadin' with your eyes, gonna make
    You some peace some day.
    You got mud on your face,
    Big disgrace,
    Somebody betta put you back into your place.
    We will, we will rock you!
    We will, we will rock you!
    • We Will Rock You
  • I've paid my dues,
    Time after time.
    I've done my sentence,
    But committed no crime.

    And bad mistakes,
    I've made a few.
    I've had my share of sand,
    Kicked in my face,
    But I've come through.
    And we mean to go on and on and on and on.
    We are the champions - my friends
    And we'll keep on fighting
    Till the end.
    We are the champions,
    We are the champions.
    No time for losers,
    'Cause we are the champions of the World!
  • Spread your wings and fly away
    Fly away, far away
    Spread your little wings and fly away
    Fly away, far away
    Pull yourself together
    'Cos you know you should do better
    That's because you're a free man.
  • You say you love me
    And I hardly know your name
    And if I say I love you in the candle light
    There's no-one but myself to blame
    But there's something inside
    That's turning my mind away
    Woh - how I could love you
    If I could let you stay.
  • She came without a farthing
    A babe without a name
    So much ado 'bout nothing
    Is what she'd try to say
    So much ado my lover
    So many games we played
    Through ev'ry fleeted summer
    Through ev'ry precious day
    All dead all dead
    All the dreams we had
    And I wonder why I still live on
    All dead all dead
    And alone I'm spared
    My sweeter half instead
    All dead and gone

Jazz (1978)Edit

  • Are you gonna take me home tonight?
    Ah down beside that red firelight?
    Are you gonna let it all hang out?
    Fat bottomed girls,
    You make the rockin' world go round.
  • Bicycle
    I want to ride my
    I want to ride my bicycle,
    I want to ride my bike.
    I want to ride my bicycle,
    I want to ride it where I like.
  • You say black, I say white.
    You say bark, I say bite.
    You say shark, I say hey man
    Jaws was never my scene.
    And I don't like Star Wars.
    You say Rolls, I say Royce
    You say God give me a choice.
    You say Lord, I say Christ.
    I don't believe in Peter Pan,
    Frankenstein or Superman.
    • Bicycle Race
  • Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
    I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out, Yeah!
    I'm floating around in ecstasy
    So don't stop me now don't stop me
    'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time.
    I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies
    Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
    I'm a racing car passing by, like Lady Godiva,
    I'm gonna go go go
    There's no stopping me.
    I'm burning through the sky yeah!
    Two hundred degrees
    That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
    I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
    I wanna make a supersonic man out of you
    Don't stop me now
  • I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars
    On a collision course
    I am a satellite I'm out of control
    I am a sex machine ready to reload
    Like an atom bomb about to
    Oh oh oh oh oh explode
    I'm burning through the sky Yeah!
    Two hundred degrees
    That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
    I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
    I wanna make a supersonic woman of you
    Don't stop me…
    • Don't Stop Me Now

The Game (1980)Edit

  • Open up your mind and let me step inside
    Rest your weary head and let your heart decide
    It's so easy when you know the rules
    It's so easy all you have to do
    Is fall in love
    Play the game
    Everybody play the game of love
    Ooh yeah.
  • Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this?
    Are you hangin' on the edge of your seat?
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    To the sound of the beat - yeah.
    Another one bites the dust.
    Another one bites the dust.
    And another one gone and another one gone;
    Another one bites the dust, eh.
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too,
    Another one bites the dust.
  • There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man
    And bring him to the ground
    You can beat him
    You can cheat him
    You can treat him bad and leave him
    When he's down, yeah
    But I'm ready, yes I'm ready for you
    I'm standing on my own two feet
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    Repeating to the sound of the beat.
    • Another One Bites the Dust
  • This thing (this thing)
    Called love (called love)
    It cries (like a baby)
    In a cradle all night
    It swings (woo woo)
    It jives (woo woo)
    It shakes all over like a jelly fish
    I kinda like it
    Crazy little thing called love.
  • There goes my baby
    She knows how to rock 'n' roll
    She drives me crazy
    She gives me hot and cold fever
    Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat
    I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
    And get on my track's
    Take a back seat, hitch-hike
    And take a long ride on my motorbike
    Until I'm ready
    Crazy little thing called love.
    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Hey little babe you're changing
    Babe, are you feeling sore?
    Ain't no use in pretending
    You don't wanna play no more
    It's plain that you ain't no baby
    What would your mother say
    You're all dressed up like a lady
    How come you behave this way
    Sail Away Sweet Sister
    Sail across the sea
    Maybe you find somebody
    Who loves you half as much as me
    My heart is always with you
    No matter what you do
    Sail away sweet sister
    Always be in love with you

Hot Space (1982)Edit

  • Some sleepless nights in wait for you
    Some foreign presence you feel
    Comes creeping through
    Some stream of hope
    The whole world through
    Spread like some silent disease
    You'll get yours too.
  • Don't touch me now
    Don't hold me now
    Don't break the spell darling, now you are near
    Look in my eyes
    And speak to me
    Those special promises I long to hear
    Las palabras de amor
    Let me hear the words of love.
  • It's the terror of knowing
    What this world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming 'Let me out'
    Pray tomorrow - gets me higher higher high
    Pressure on people people on streets
    Turned away from it all like a blind man
    Sat on a fence but it don't work
    Keep coming up with love but it's so slashed and torn
    Why - why - why?
    Love love love love love
    Insanity laughs under pressure we're breaking
    Can't we give ourselves one more chance?

The Works (1984)Edit

  • Radio - radio
    I'd sit alone and watch your light
    My only friend through teenage nights
    And everything I had to know
    I heard it on my radio.
  • So don't become some background noise
    A backdrop for the girls and boys
    Who just don't know or just don't care
    And just complain when you're not there
    You had your time, you had the power
    You've yet to have your finest hour
    Radio - radio.
    • Radio Ga Ga
  • All we hear is
    Radio Ga Ga
    Radio Goo Goo
    Radio Ga Ga
    All we hear is
    Radio Ga Ga
    Radio Blah Blah
    Radio, what's new?
    Radio, someone still loves you.
    • Radio Ga Ga
  • Yeah yeah
    It's a hard life
    To be true lovers together
    To love and live forever in each others hearts
    It's a long hard fight
    To learn to care for each other
    To trust in one another right from the start
    When you're in love.
  • Here we stand or here we fall
    History won't care at all
    Make the bed, light the light
    Lady mercy won't be home tonight
    Yeah, you don't waste no time at all
    Don't hear the bell but you answer the call
    It comes to you as to us all
    Hey, we're just waiting
    For the hammer to fall - yeah.

A Kind of Magic (1986)Edit

  • I had a dream
    When I was young
    A dream of sweet illusion
    A glimpse of hope and unity
    And visions of one sweet union
    But a cold wind blows
    And a dark rain falls
    And in my heart it shows
    Look what they've done to my dream, yeah.