Wednesday, February 06, 2019

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Rose Bay glassy sea is peppered with Kayaks at 5:45 am

Communist Billionaire and Chinese donor denied passport, unable to return to Mosman mansion

Huang Xiangmo's millions of dollars in donations secured access to Australia's top politicians. Now he's been rejected for citizenship on "character" grounds and is fighting to return to his $13 million Sydney mansion.

Ten beds found crammed inside some apartments in fire-ravaged tower

Community group launches last-ditch court bid to save Allianz Stadium
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been accused of "blackmailing" the Orange electorate by promising to build a $25 million sporting precinct, but only if voters return the marginal seat to the Nationals at the state election. Premier Accused of blackmailing electorate with 25 million sports precinct. 20190206

Theater of the absurd 🎭   Combine middle-school humor with plenty of bitterness and what do you get?

Let the spin begin: banks bring in the big guns

That Kenneth Hayne’s report didn’t claim the scalp of National Australia Bank chairman Ken Henry or his chief executive, Andrew Thorburn, on Tuesday came as a major shock to some in the offices of the Morrison government's most senior ministers.
Labor and Coalition will continue to accept political donations from banks 

On Tuesday night the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations and the World Bank Group announced a "platform" for regular discussions among the four organisations.
Its members will hold regular meetings with representatives of developing countries, regional tax organisations, banks and donors, and will work together in designing strategies to fight multinational tax avoidance, as well as ensure better information sharing and greater transparency. IMF and OECD

A common approach is to define a miracle as an interruption of the order or course of nature (Sherlock 1843: 57). Some stable background is, in fact, presupposed by the use of the term, as William Adams (1767: 15) notes:
An experienced uniformity in the course of nature hath been always thought necessary to the belief and use of miracles. These are indeed relative ideas. There must be an ordinary regular course of nature, before there can be any thing extraordinary. A river must flow, before its stream can be interrupted.

Jess Rios – Harvard Law School Library – “Particularly when we talk about large numbers, it can be difficult to fully understand their impact. With an ever-increasing amount of data and information available to us, data visualization is becoming more important to help people truly understand the meaning of the information that is collected. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or presenting in front of clients, the ability to distill and contextualize data is one that will set you apart and the tools in this guide will help you to do just that.

    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish -- Equals A Sarbox Felony? - Forbes

    Is a fish a 'tangible object'? Not in this case, SCOTUS rules in parsing ...

    Incomplete take-up of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a source of persistent policy concern, with an estimated one-fifth of eligible households failing to claim the credit. To promote take-up, a growing number of jurisdictions require employers to provide EITC information to employees. We study the effect of these requirements, linking state and time variation in the adoption of the notification laws to administrative tax data.