Saturday, February 02, 2019

Touch of Klass: Fawlty Towers guide to Bloggers

From Neil Armstrong thanking the team of engineers who kept him alive during the moon landing, to John Lennon thanking the Smothers Brothers for not hitting him for showing up drunk at their club (and heckling them during their act); being able to write a classy thank you letter is a crucial life skill.
A life skill, we might add, that the venerable Winston Churchill, had mastered. And it’s not just important if you’re famous: the skill evident in this 1945 “thank you letter” masterclass applies to far more than your annual Christmas thank you note to your long lost aunt.
This Classy Winston Churchill Letter Proves Modern Men Have Forgotten How To Say Thank You

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'“The problem is that the language—any language the young would use—already was crafted by centuries before them, by the dead of their own race or nation, villains and saints both. One must join the company of generations of tongues in order to voice oneself apart, in whatever tongue. Speaking thus becomes an act of socialization, even if it is the declaration of separation.”

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