Saturday, February 16, 2019

Horses and Houses on the Hills

In amazement we beheld the great horse. It broke through the roof of our room. The cloudy sky was drifting faintly along its mighty outline, and its mane flew, rustling, in the wind.
– Kafka

The New York Times recently had a feature on 52 Places to Go in 2019, and they now cleverly have an accompanying piece of 52 Books for 52 Places 

Matraville-based riders win at Sydney Jumping Championships

Matraville, between Maroubra and Botany, receives its best liveability ratings for its beach access and ...Liveable Sydney: How the city and east's suburbs ranked

House on the Hill at Matraville 2019

38 Daunt Avenue, Matraville, NSW 2036 - 2014  

DJ Tigerlily spends $1.8m on Matraville investment

'It's killing us': How Airbnb is taking over Australia's holiday hotspots

Where To See The Best Christmas Lights In Sydney

2018 - South Sydney's centre of excellence at Heffron Park finally gets approval ...