Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why 5:30 is the best time to dine

Our American future?

PsyBlog [Social Psychology]

Iatrogenic was coined by the Ancient Greeks to describe a doctor whose actions inadvertently harmed the patient, eg bloodletting – it means “caused by the healer”.

Iatrogenics are everywhere – well-intentioned politicians who intervene in something they know nothing about, misguided City planners inadvertently destroying the Flaneur’s urban habitat and new CEO’s changing a Company’s (sometimes apparently dated) core Purpose and Values.

Mr Syed believes CJ’s interventions are classic iatrogenic influences:
-       Tactical (Parking the Bus),
-       Compositional (Expensive, ill-judged new signings),
-       Methodological (obsession with error/risk/learning elimination),
-       Psychological (motivating through fear, not inspiration).