Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wealth Wellbeing: Yet Another Supermoon is Up Down Under in MMXVI

While last month's highly anticipated supermoon left some disappointed at The Bra Beach when clouds largely obscured the event, tonight's conditions are forecast to be mostly clear and hot in Sydney, where the temperature is still expected to be hovering around 30 degrees when the sun sets.
Yet another supermoon is up Down Under

Happiness  is giddiness or euphoria and is by nature a fleeting state. Contentment is more durable and more attainable….” Czech born Freud, wrote that “you will see for yourself that much has been gained if we succeed in turning your hysterical misery into common unhappiness.” 
Understanding the key determinants of people’s life satisfaction will suggest policies for how best to reduce misery and promote wellbeing. This column discusses evidence from survey data on Australia, Britain, Germany, and the US which indicate that the things that matter most are people’s social relationships and their mental and physical health; and that the best predictor of an adult’s life satisfaction is their emotional health as a child. The authors call for a new focus for public policy: not ‘wealth creation’ but ‘wellbeing creation’.
Origins of happiness evidence and policy implications 

Tassie born and bred Philip Clark who Worked at the NSW Parliamentary Press Gallery was an impressive press party dancer not just a writer for the Sydney Morning Herald back in the 80's and early 90's ;-) I never missed Phil's witty and insightful 'Stay in Touch' column... Following the death of his fellow broadcaster Andrew Olle, Philip also helped instigate and was the first host of the Andrew Olle Media Lecture, now a fixture on the media landscape. These days the newspaperman and radio head veteran hangs around the airways of ABC 702 fame. Like Dom Knight, Phil tends to select engaging topics and has a knack for 
highlighting emergent trends.  Moving from Evil Breakfast ABC 666 to Racy Nightlife at ABC 
702  allows Phil to explore heavy metal concepts such as the pros and cons of (Dutch universal basic income experiment) universal basic income. Tonight topic will produce very thoughtful transcripts for future generation 

Universal basic income: Money for nothing

Amid anxiety over technological disruption, is a guaranteed payment from the state the future of welfare? Financial Times - Money For Nothing

Universal basic income: Levelling the playing field

As inequality grows, welfare costs soar and technological disruption escalates, many people are growing warmer to the idea of a guaranteed basic income for everyone, say John Thornhill and Ralph Atkins. Switzerland, which votes on the UBI in June, is not the only country considering a new social model

Celebrating 26 years on air in 2016, Nightlife has everything to keep you company through the night.

The best way to get photographer Chris Arnade to go somewhere is to warn him not to. Chris Arnade photographs the ‘back-row kids.’ He knew they could elect Trump. Margaret Sullivan, WaPo
Repeat after me: study after study shows that minimum wages increases don’t lead to job losses.

The Various Political parties abandoned the working classes long ago and like an abusive spouse, never thought their victims would leave them...

Automation Can Actually Create More Jobs WSJ