Friday, December 09, 2016

RiverView from Keiko's verandah and the Memories of Lennon and NSW Rum Corp

“You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”
—John Lennon (1969)
Militant nonviolent resistance works.
Peaceful, prolonged protests work.
Mass movements with huge numbers of participants work.

Power to the People: John Lennon’s Legacy Lives On Counterpunch. A Day after the 36th anniversary of Lennon’s murder was filled with memories ... In 1980 the Old Bad Czechoslovakia was still communist, Yoko Ono's Japan and even Canada was also sending its flower loving citizens Down Under to Populate or Perish

Photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly | CC BY 2.0

Photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly | CC BY 2.0

Peter had a card-counting team which came to be known as the Czechoslovakians, because of the nationality of most of the members.
He thought it would be a great idea to teach a woman to count cards, because no casino would suspect a female of doing such a thing.
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2016 PERSON OF THE YEAR DONALD TRUMP We remind readers that Time’s Person of the Year is neither an affirmation of popularity nor does it reflect a moral endorsement (Adolph Hitler was once selected)

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