Wednesday, December 21, 2016

 Born to Escape: Bruce Springsteen Coming Out from Cold River

Last night 's nature's lightening fireworks in Sydney punctuated Boss's songs to the rhythm of our strangely short lives on this earth ...

Speaking of Darling Harbour Walk Weather, Arctic ice melt ‘already affecting weather patterns where you live right now’ The Guardian

His autobiography has raced onto the bestseller lists, but it's a typically modest Bruce Springsteen that greets Andy Welch when they meet to discuss the book. The music legend talks about depression, the satisfaction of writing and why he made sure his wife and kids had an early read ... Bruce Springsteen in Cold River 

At Rome's Circus Maximus, July 2016 (Gregorio Borgia/PA Photos)

Bruce Springsteen 'opens up' in new memoir Born To Run
His autobiography has raced on to the bestseller lists, but it's a typically modest Bruce Springsteen that greets Andy Welch when they meet to ...

"It's always the church, the church, the church. I think because it was the centre of our existence."

The world famous singer-songwriter, who is of Irish and Italian ancestry and was raised a Catholic but then lapsed, was asked by presenter Kirsty Young what were his earliest childhood memories.
He added: "I think the thing I remember the most was the tall steeple at the end of the corner and the red bricks of the church. It was your second home. You lived there every Sunday and Friday.
Childhood inside the Church