Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hat Tip as Kim sings at the Jazzy Club

A popular quintet playing swing/latin numbers, great for dancing. Vocalist, Kim Hair, is renowned for her cabaret jazz style. Ron Nairn is one of Sydney’s top sax/ clarinet players.

Dance the afternoon with this great swing band.  Practice your moves or just have a listen to swing era classics & modern jazz arrangements
Sounds of Swing

Via Eduardo and Delma How Brazil Got the Worst Austerity Program in the World Benjamin Studebaker (Jazzy Dinner)

… Burglars singing in the cellar | George Hunka.

Speaking of wild sounds and channeling my godfather Janko who loved his drink and the Irish,  this is an obituary of the year: Irishman Dies From Stubbornness, Whiskey. “Chris Connors died, at age 67, after trying to box his bikini-clad hospice nurse just moments earlier. Ladies man, game slayer, and outlaw Connors told his last inappropriate joke on Friday, December 9, 2016, that which cannot be printed here. Anyone else fighting ALS and stage 4 pancreatic cancer would have gone quietly into the night, but Connors was stark naked drinking Veuve in a house full of friends and family as Al Green played from the speakers.”